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Starting Adventurer
Join date: Early 2015
Jobs: Theme build Haudh-en-Arwen
Interests: I like RPG themed games like skyrim. I read the books Lord of the rings and the hobbit, and now im reading Beowulf, and more of Tolkien. I like skyrim kind of buildstyle, a bit viking a like. I guess a bit like Rohan. And also elven style seems nice to me.

Motivation: I like to build things, absolutely in a server like this, I always loved middle-earth. I also love to help people building.


Builds trees by hand
Thank you for your application! I can't give much feedback because your Themed-Build is quite incomplete, but that is no problem at all! You still got plenty of time to add more to your build and I can give you a few tips for your build.

Terrain: Having a flat terrain in your build isn't very pleasing to look at. You should make the terrain have different levels by adding more grass layers. Also adding mountains, rivers, rocks, or maybe ravines would make it much better.

Vegetation: I can see you added a few bushes/trees but you can add plenty more. Also don't just scatter around the grass but make patches of them and add some other flowers aswell. The trees shape is pretty good but the spruce wood mixed with oak wood looks weird unless the trees were set on fire or something.

That's pretty much all that I can give for you. The road is almost vanished so I would recommend that you add some more of the gravel but you can also add some dirt, cobble, sandstone,.. The barrow's shape looks pretty good and I see you added some materials with the stone wich is also pretty good but don't be afraid to add some more or different materials and more detail.

Also I would suggest that you take a look at the Builderschool on the server by typing /mvtp plotworld and then /warp Builder School. Btw participating in jobs will increase the chance of you getting artist. Good luck!


Starting Adventurer
Oh thanks for the feedback, I'm now in Italy on a holiday, so I can't build now. I will take a look at the buildschool, and I will join the next themebuild, thanks for the tips.