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Aspiring Member
Minecraft Username : Danishkabby
Date Joined : Approx. Summer 2013
What country are from / What time do you usually play online: Chinese Canadian. Currently living in British Columbia, so 4-6 pm or 5-7 pm PST. is standard for me.
Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak? Every time I boot up Minecraft, you can bet Teamspeak is runnin' too.
Do you talk on Teamspeak? Yep, sometimes a little too much for my own good. ;)
What makes a great Guide according to you? What's essential to being a good Guide is giving people something to take away from their time on your tour. I want to be able to give people the same sense of community and wonder that I was bestowed by previous guides and staff; so, to share my love of this server with others is No. 1 priority. Knowing the lore of Middle Earth and the background of MCME can come as priority No. 2, since you can be smart and well studied in that area, yet still make people walk away with a sour experience. A story needs a good story teller, not a monotonous lecturer, even though lectures put children to sleep at a far faster rate than a good reading of The Hobbit. :D


Thank you for your application

During your application you may be contacted to demonstrate a Trial Server tour where you will be provided with a location (Prior notice will be given to you to prepare for the tour through a PM). The tour will be appraised based on your ability to conduct yourself with a group of people, how you articulate the information of the location, your communication skills as well as organisation. Note: You must be using a Microphone to conduct the tour

Please note that not everyone will be asked to conduct a trial tour but an application may still be considered.

Each applicant will be evaluated on their merits and their overall character as individual within the Community.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your application, please do not hesitate to personal message me or one of the current guides. Arkengard, Lady_of_Rohan, DarthRagnar, Mandolore100 or Artie_. Good luck with your application.

Dyno (Head Enforcer & Head Guide)