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dank m3me bah

Question of the day: is my boy wodleth a scrub

  • yes.

  • definitely

  • absolutely

  • affirmative

  • roger roger

  • scrubleth?

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Yellow Flower Puncher
"Hellooo laddieeeeeeeeeeee
I shall show you the world
as seen through the eyes
of an authentic
dank m3mer"

- Mahatma Gandhi, Ming Dynasty

some of the stuff in this thread may not be strictly legal
choosing to explore further will implicate you as a fellow conspirator

so feel free to post any specimens which you may deem
worthy of the honour

stay tuned and prepare to be educated

Welcome to...


Disclaimer: some of the higher quality specimens may induce sudden, uncontrollable bouts of hysteria. proceed at your own risk!
PS. this thread may be taken down at any time due to the high likelihood of TOS violations, so enjoy it while it's still around!!1!
PPS. dear mcme secret police scrubs - I've got no clue where this thread belongs - feel free to move it