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Darrhub Artist maybe

Are my builds bad?

  • Yes, they are horrible

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  • No, they are worse than I thought

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  • No, I am blind and I think they look good anyways

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Starting Adventurer
I added all the new stuff in a comment on this thread because there was a max of 20 pictures on one post.

I joined the server on February 16, 2017.
I've participated in the ruining of houses in the Chamber of Lights in Moria

River building in Gondor
Theeeeme builds
Old Mill

*spends 30 minutes trying to find out how to add screenshots. I think I put too many but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Tol Morwen

White Pillar

Swan Ship(s)


Random crap from outside the server

("Gardens of Babylon")
I like anything, as long as its not boring (building trees I hate trees). I especially enjoyed the Gondor builds (Noirinan, White Pillar, Tol Morwen). I like building things that look good, and that I have a previous association with (everything in LoTR, and more stuff).

I enjoy playing Minecraft on the server in my freetime, and I would really like to contribute to it.
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Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application!

Most players put too few screenshots in their application. It's very good you pasted in some more :D
I like your builds very much. Structure and materials are very good.

There is one point you should try to improve: Details, especially for interiors!
Your Swan Ship seems to be completely empty, try to make some equipment for the ship.
Your Norinian tomb looks so bare and clean inside. You could try to ruin it a bit or put some decoration inside.
Your Old Mill and White Pillar seem to have some interiors but I can't see much of it at the screenshots. Making realistic interiors is an important and common task for Artists. So try to improve the interiors and put some more screenshots here :p

Very nice application, looking forward to your update,



hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I would like to follow Eriol's point of Details / Interior. The shapes you use to make your builds look interesting is very noteworthy, but you lack the details a little. These are very important to make the place feel lively; we do not have NPC's strolling around, so it's the interior and the details that have to tell that people are living here. Practically thats crates, food, flowers, shelves, fireplaces, seats, dished tables and many more things. Try to use as many things you can find in the Resource Packs!

So, please show me a build with some fancy interior! You can either go back to an old TB or Singleplayer build, or give a new TB a shot!


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Alright I just checked out your Old Mill and the Mindon Eldaliéva and I am very confidentally congratulating you to your promotion to Artist! The shapes you elaborated in the tower are very very nice, just how I imagine an elegant and well-designed elvish building :D And in the Old Mill build the amount of detail is very noteworthy, very very nice job both on the in and outside! The two points I'd still like to point out however are
  • make sure you cover thatch roofs on the inside so that no more thatch can be seen. Thatch is, like shingles, not able to hold itself together, it needs support to lay on.
  • The wool walls are very innovative! But I am a bit sceptical, the material is somewhat reserved for actual cloth, i.e. carpets, garlands and tents even tho one surely can interprete it as a different material.
Please check out the Artist manual before you start working on the main map: Artist Manual It is a bit outdated but I hope I get to update it later today.