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Darth's 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Stream


Hardcore MCME-er
Happy Holidays!
Hello friends, as some of you may know, my favorite thing to do over the holiday season is decorate the family Christmas tree. [See above photo.] It is quite the undertaking as it usually takes me at least 12 hours over several days to complete. Last year I decided to try streaming the event and it was a lot of fun so I'm doing it again this year.

Here's how it will work:
I've chosen to use Google+ Hangout as my means of streaming because that's what I did last year and it worked. (If people really want, I can try Twitch/YouTube, but I won't make any promises.) I'll have a channel on TS that people can join with the stream's link in the description. The times will vary by day so you'll have to keep an eye out on TS for when it's happening. My general plan is to start around 4PM CST (10PM GMT) on Monday and go from there. Hopefully everyone who is interested will get a chance to watch. If you have any questions or concerns post them here and I'll get back to you.​