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Accepted Dav3ck


Staff member
Join Date : About a week ago

Jobs : - I helped alot on the Gladden fields (Job leader : Darki)
- I worked for a little bit on a road (Job leader : Thijs)
- Done the Interior of one of the houses in Goldarce (Job leader : Eaglz)

Screenshots :
3 screenshots,

-The first screenshot is that of a small village at the side of the road which I build myself

-The second screenshot is that of a city I build with a friend of mine

-The interior of one of the houses in Goldarce

Screenshots Themebuild :

Before I started working on the forsaken inn, I first googled for some pictures to get some Inspiration, This is the picture i've decided to be my guide

As u can see on this pictures, it looks to be an abanden place with a straw roof, which has partly collapsed. And it has a spooky surrounding.

On the inside I wanted it to look like a place u would rather not stay, but stil operational eventho its in such a bad state.

Interests :

I have never really settled on 1 style in particulary, And I always found myself quick in learning new styles. But if I were to choose one I would say Rohirric,

A weaker point of mine is that I'm not the best at very complex roofs, As for example which is needed for alot of Elven builds. But as I said before, Im a quick learner.

Besides LOTR things, I really like making temples and castles. And i'd say im decent at doing interior.

Motivation :

Around 5-6 Years ago (if I recall correctly) I first saw one of the McMiddleearth videos, and I imidiatly fell in love with the things this community has created. And I always wanted to be a part of it but I never knew how, until now. And if seen the movies like a milion times, and I really like how its brought to life.

And I just really like building in minecraft especially with a group as talented as the MCmiddleearth communitie and I really just want to be a part of it. And help with all the new amazing projects to come!



hon. Head Designer
Wow you've been a busy man to get involved in MCME this much within only a week! Seems like you've come a long way with your previous minecraft experiences, I remember when I once worked on a map with a friend of mine and it looked nowhere as good as the second picture in your app!
Your Forsaken Inn is very interesting. I really like how much creativity and thought you did put into it, there's just two points that bother me a bit: First is the surroundings. The Forsaken Inn may be abandoned and ruined a bit, but it's not placed in a nuclear fallout zone. In other words, the area around is not really supposed to look that barren and should probably be mostly grassy still. The second thing: Why is the roof on fire?

If you could change these things I think we could get a very very nice Themed Build, so I'd like you to return to this build once more, or else try your hand at a new Themed Build!
I'll also give you the okay to ask any Designer to change the dirt in your plot to grass to save you some time, as that's usually not allowed (as everyones TB's should be entirely their own work) tell the Desigenr to check your Artist Application to see that I permitted it.


Staff member
First of, Thank you so much! and im happy u like my work! it really means alot to me.

And second, I've came back to my Forsaken Inn and changed The surrounding and got rid of the fire on the roof (And added a bit of extra detail to the surrounding aswell).

Thank you so much for ur time!