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Decorative Garden Realism Guide Examples


Hardcore MCME-er
Title: Decorative Garden Realism Guide Examples

Type: (who is it for): Any Builder: Designer or Foreman or Artist
General area:
Location[COORDS + description]: /warp Decorative Gardens

Description of job: In the Decorative Gardens Realism Guide, there are a number of Garden MC Examples which still have to be built. Then the blurbs have to be written like the picture below. The following styles need to be done:
  • Hellenistic Gardens
  • Roman Gardens
  • Byzantium Gardens
  • French Baroque Gardens
  • French Renaissance
  • Italian Renaissance (1600’s)
  • Mediterranean Gardens
  • Anglo-Dutch Gardens
  • English Gardenesque Gardens
  • English Wild Gardens


If you are interessted in doing such a task, please reply to this thread with the style/era you wish to do and I will discord you the details and template as to what to fill in.