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Designers not making enough jobs.

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Now most of you know, MCME is about building and creating Middle Earth Together, but with designers going off on their own, making solo builds, it leaves all us Artists, Adventurers and more sitting and waiting for a job. Now most designers do the right thing, involving everyone in a job without hesitation, those designers are always open and happy to build with others, but some designers a so quite with their builds, that you don't know that they built on their own till it's in the main world! So what I'm saying here is that from a Adventurers point, we need, more jobs, plus don't you think MCME will get built a lot quicker if we all pitched in and lend a hand. And the Designers can still be in control of everything but we will be building along side him.

Thank you for your Time and Consideration



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I'm going to be frank. This is a selfish post. You may have bad timing when it comes to jobs running, but I can say as a man with free time enough for more than a couple hours jobs are very much frequent in my eyes. Take Pelargir. @kisos has just about driven adventurers and artists alike mad with his consistent jobs. I believe he's done well over a dozen just building homes alone. Not to mention the *shudder* trees.

Try to look at it from the designers point, regardless of the actually frequency of the jobs; they have to balance heading projects, guiding artists and adventurers, and most recently working on what will amount to the largest single location build. If you want to insult our loving green ones (and the red fish) easy, all you have to do is question the amount of jobs they do. You aren't the first, and certainly won't be the last. Also, seeing as you joined less than a week ago and this is your first message, you have no perspective on how the server runs, nor how hard designers work. This I find an extra hint of offensive just because you had the audacity to submit this as a legitimate issue.

If you want to build, there are two plot builds and a contest running at this moment that would be glad to receive some more builds. Unfortunately, you thought that because you didn't get what you wanted the second you wanted it you had the right to complain in this degree. Sorry if I sound harsh, this is not all directed at you or a simple error on your part, it's the culmination of similar talk just about every day since I've joined and much longer before then. Just chill, dude, and be excellent to each other.


If u are bored and want to build then just do the weekly theme build, and you could u could even get artist and get jobs like every 2 seconds, also u can participate in the dome contest...


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Well, It's not just me that is complaining about this, I won't mention names, but I am only a scribe saying what others think. I do agree that Kisos and others have been working there butt off to do jobs and whatnot but, as someone mentioned to me that the jobs have been decreasing in numbers.

I also do agree that to do jobs I have to be on the server at the time. So since most of you guys are in UK or USA I will have to either get up early or stay up late to do jobs, since I'm on the other side of the world (Australia). But as I got told there used to be a lot of build days, where you just build the whole day.

You also mentioned that there is a Comp, well that in my eyes is not a proper job, plus since it's in plotworld it is more of a way or Utility to get things done faster. When I said jobs I meant jobs in the real world not plotworld. Cause I can also see alot happening in the plotworld too.

I also know that a lot happens behind the scenes, which is what I was trying to address to you guys, some people agree that too much even, goes behind the scenes. Now I know that some Places like New Moria must be done behind the Scenes cause of all the people who could reck it, but isn't this community meant to bring all Middle Earth Fans together in Minecraft, so if less happened behind the scenes we could all pitch in and lend a helping hand.

I may have sounded Selfish in my first post, and I am sorry, but as I said I am just a scribe saying what people have ask me to say. I hope you agree with me here, and yes I must do some stuff on my part and others do too. I hope I haven't sounded selfish here either, I'm just trying to get mine and others points across.

Thank you for your time,



hon. Head Designer
Staff member
how about no, invalid
No, this has to be clarified. [any1 move to discussions or so]

(When I write "you" I mean everyone who feels like theres not enough to do for adventurers)

The topic is more difficult than you may think, and as gizmo already hinted, it has already been adressed some times before. Now first off: How does a person get Designer? Most people think it's only about excellent building skills, but in fact that's by far not everything. Another important thing of it, is acting in the interests of the server, now that may sound weird, but what it means is: The official main goal of the server is simply building middle-earth. But actually it's rather "Building Middle-Earth together". There's some other Middle-Earth recreation projects happening out there, but most of them have a far smaller community, and thus for MCME not only the building aspect is a great deal, but also the "together" part.

Now for how we tackle the task of trying to get everyone involved: Especially for Adventurers we have and always are seeking for possibilities to hand builds to Adventurers. The big problem is, that this comes with some limitations: As everyone is capable of joining the server and thus get all Adventurer permissions we have to make sure to choose these permissions so, that every kind of abuse does not greatly harm the server, but at the same time we want to offer as many things to those adventurers that want to contribute to MCME in a positive way.

Jobs. The most well known of these possibilities, with the awesome job plugin especially made by our developers we have a good control of everyone. Jobs are most practical if you need a large number of something (long road, many houses), just because setting up a job includes some extra work, and if one person can do it in five minutes it's just way over the top setting up the job kit, waiting until everyone got Teamspeak set up and so on. Furthermore there should be some people online, as supervising a single person building is not so effective. [Note: The most precious thing on earth especially for staff members is time]
Now once there were about ten adventurers online when I asked whether someone is up for a job. Only one Guide and one Artist said yes. Or an other situation when I started a job and literally noone joined. I don't know how to solve that when there's a job nobody cares, but when there's none, everyone complains about no jobs. There's also the critique that with jobs we always only do the boring stuff. Two remarks on that, first there's some things that are simply easiest and fastest to be done with jobs (roads, glaciers), second, the area between boring jobs and overstraining jobs is very thin, and as in the end the build quality should match a certain current standard, and as simply not everyone is equally skilled in building it is practically impossible to offer jobs that suit everyone.
You're from Australia, that's in fact a problem, afaik since wolli resigned there's no more australian designer, and most of us designers have to work or got to university and thus can only join in the evenings. There's no real solution to that I fear.

Plotworld. Plotworld is a separate world on the main server that can be accessed with /mvtp plotworld. It is a fairly new feature and a main reason that we did set it up was to give Adventurers more ways to participate in building. On Plotworld mainly two things happen: Freebuilds and Contests. In the last weeks up to about seven of these were running simultanously and for most of them you can simply tune in and and start building, without any need of registration or similar. At the moment the Pelargir Boat and House Freebuilds are open, and a Contest for the house of the Faithful. If you make a house in the Pelargir House Build it will get implemented into the main map with 100% certainty, IF it is good in the end, which mainly means you read the feedback that staff gives you on your house and accordingly adjust it. Again, Plotworld was mainly created for Adventurers!
For Moria we plan on relying on Freebuilds and Contests to a great extent (note these things have not been definitely planned). We plan on giving most of the corridors and smaller halls to Adventurers+ to build, similar to house freebuilds, and that'll maybe be the biggest Freebuild ever.

Build days. You wrote that there is often build days, unfortunately that's not the case. Even more, build days also dont last the whole day, but only some hours, they are mostly just big jobs.

ThemedBuilds and getting Artist. In the end, if you want to get more involved into building, and you have the feeling that you have or can gain the skills needed for it, you should definitely try to get Artist. This mainly includes two things: Making ThemedBuilds on the Freebuild server and apply with them, and being around on the main server, participate in jobs and Freebuilds, and just generally make your name known to staff members by being an active and positively perceived member.

I hope this explains the staff members point of view and satisfies you, if not, I at least hope you see how tricky the topic is, and that we really do care about it.


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Haven't read this completly, but a couple of things to help you.

this post:

Another thing:
Plotworld jobs, currently calembel houses are up and running. Check out this post http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/calembel.2232/
Ask more experienced members what plotworld is and how it is used or read the first post I linked here.

Another thing:
You might have the unfortunate issue that you are on a timezone where there isn't a lot of activity. Try going online on different times (when it's evening in europe) and you might have a better chance of catching jobs.

Another thing:
Public projects are something that everyone can apply for to help build parts in middle earth. Get together with a small team and try to tackle some of the projects on there. If you can't build well enough for those projects, try to help other projects and do some of the lesser creative parts (like helping the project speed up).

I know it's sometimes very quiet on the server, but I think there are a lot of ways where you can help out, without needing a designer nowadays. I know this, because I have personally helped change the way adventurers can help build. For more info or remarks, send me a conversation on the forums.

EDIT: Ouch australia. That's difficult for us and has always been, because we don't have any designing staff members in australia. So making jobs during aussie hours is REALLY difficult for us. I think your best bet is to try and maybe ask certain designers if you can help build on something through plotworld. I've been trying to get more activity from the aussie part of the world, but it is extremely difficult since so few people are joining from australia and new zealand. We try our best, but I'm afraid we can only do what's in our power.
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I'm loving the designer and even none designer replies to this! Ah how I remember this being an issue since like always haha.
I'm not an Aussie but I certainly hang out with a lot. If you're an east coaster your best bet will be in the mornings on weekends as these will be evenings for the Europeans. I'm aware that for example 9am-11am AUEST is currently 6pm-8pm BST which is generally when a lot of jobs are on. (I can tell this by general teamspeak activity. There are graphs showing this!) In that time, you can even afford to sleep in!
If you're obviously on the West Coast then a few hours adjustment isn't that huge.
But also weekends are best as some Europeans will certainly stay up a lot later haha.
If you really want to do jobs on main I also suggest getting stuck into a public project which you can organise yourself with other Aussies! :D


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I'm glad Fin added a statement I wanted to address in my first post. The most unfortunate part of job work is that sometimes people just don't join up. This happens more than you'd think, and may have grown because of plot builds, not to say this needs to be adjusted. At some points designers are steps away from begging players to join up because of the lack of support.
I have justified reasons of not wanting to get in the way and not possessing the ability to help with good building, but there should at least be a slew more confidant players to take my place. I've only done a river dig and some bushes as an official job, but I support how it's done wholeheartedly. So if you had any doubts of staff bias to the issue, rest assured they are trying what they can to accommodate everyone as it is. It's just not possible to appease everyone.


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I plan on doing more jobs in the future - unfortunately I have finals next week and will be MIA for the most part until that is over


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Guys Thank you for those Statements, My Conclusion to this problem is not you guys,its the World's problem. If all the time zones where the same there would be no problem hey.(jk)

I also have to state even if the time zones are different, I have to do some stuff on my part. I can get up at times that are good for you.but I don't since I'm a lazy sod. Sorry for wasting your time with this Silly remark.

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