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Didi45's Unrestricted W.E Bade [WE]


Badge requirements:
  • Be at least Artist or Guide ✔
  • Have an adequate amount of experience in FAWE ✔
  • Is responsible and mature enough to use the tool in an effective manner ✔
  • When did you join?
  • I joined at July 28th 2017

  • What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?
  • Artist, I got promoted at September 14th 2017

  • How experienced are you in FAWE?
  • Quite skilled I would say, I know the commands and I have been using world edit and FAWE for over two years, And I have the restricted badge.

  • Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge?
  • No I will not.

  • Why do you need this badge?
  • Need is a strong word, I would say more like a combo of need and want, as I mentioned I am skilled in world edit and I would like to make my building and other's building more efficient by using world edit, I can say for myself I end up using a lot of time or waiting for a designer to come help me or repeating my process by hand, It is not fun and I definitely think I can get much more done with world edit as a tool in my tool-set. Non the less if I have it I can help people who need things copied or any commands needed when there is no designer around or a designer is busy, So why should I have it? Well because I know how to use it and there will be no need to waste time of designers to teach me or anything like that. So why unrestricted you ask? Well that is simple, when in a big place such as Moria for example it is very helpful to be able to do bigger operations on a bigger scale (such as replacing many blocks in the area and what not), As of course suggested by some when I first applied I was told to get restricted and see how it goes, it is not bad but I need more tools for my job. I have passed the block limit 3 times and not all the needed tools/commands are within the current badge therefore I would like the unrestricted badge.

  • What to you is a responsible and mature player?
  • What is a mature player? A mature player in my eyes would be someone (in our case for the server) who thinks of the server in long term and how it can benefit from his works in the near future and not only now and what it can and will do for him or her, A responsible player who gets perms like these should know how to use them and not abuse the perms by doing huge operations and crashing the server or wasting it on things which there is no need for them, a mature player is someone who you can approach if you need something which you feel is important and not just a tell me if this is good, but a player who will tell you how to improve and even help you improve! someone who you are comfortable talking to about serious things and about the server's future and what you should do and what can we all do. Someone who can admit their mistakes or their faults and knows how to give positive feedback.


Hardcore MCME-er
Eriol has enlarged the restriction limit, so you need to give me a better reason please.


Working in Moria I have gotten into larger Caves which need tending (smoothing) the unrestricted badge offers brushes which I can use very nicely to change the terrain of the cave myself instead of waiting for someone else to do it. There are so many places in Moria which need work terrain wise, Voxel would be overkill for it therefore the unrestricted offer the perfect tools for dealing with cave terrain and smoothing