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Accepted DingusWingus366


Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username:

Date Joined: Early June, 2019 (although I have been fallowing the server for several years)

Location: US, Golf Coast.
Over the summer I’ll usually be on in the late morning and throughout the afternoon and evening. Once school begins, my schedule will get a little more busy, and then ease up again after a month or so.

Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes

Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes

What makes a great Guide according to you?
- To me, a great guide is someone anxious to greet new players and create a welcoming environment. At times, it almost feels like a race to be the first to say: “Welcome to MCME!” when the new player message appears in the game chat. A great guide knows enough about the lore to answer most questions, and is familiar with the status of the server so they can explain why we don’t have Erabor yet :). A good guide respects new players, and sets a good example for everyone. And finally, a good guide knows where major locations are so that they can provide tours if asked, and is capable of keeping tours fun and engaging.

Note: I know I haven’t been on the sever for very long, but I do wish that you would consider my application. And if you find that I do not quite meet the mark, please provide me with feedback so I know what I should be doing in the future. I’ve had a blast on the sever so far, but i did have a little trouble getting started and finding my way around. I would love the opportunity to help other players have a better 1st experience.
Thank you for your consideration :)


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for applying for Guide DingusWingus366!

Guides are very important for a welcoming atmosphere and are helping to create a great community. If you not already done so please read the section about Guides in the Ranks and Duties document and the Guide Manual.

Here are some tips how to improve your chance to get considered for guide:
  • Be very active on the server with helping an welcoming people
  • Answer questions or help them to find the person who can help them
  • Invite and help people getting into build jobs
  • Ask new players if they want so see some places and if they are interested show them around at the server
  • Be friendly and communicative
I already noticed you are doing a lot of these point. Keep going to show us you are dedicated to become a great Guide. We will discuss your application among the Guides based on our observation of your activities on the server. If we consider to accept you application we will ask you to run a trial tour - a short tour of any location lead by yourself.
Bear in mind each applicant will be evaluated on their merits and their overall character as individual within the Community, as well as the overall success of their trial tour.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask myself or any of the current guides, through Discord, the forums or on the server.
Thank you once again for your interest in pursuing the guide rank, and best of luck with your application.

Good luck.

-Eriol for the Guide Team