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Discord and cmmunication / MC-Paper


Starting Adventurer
So my english is perfectly fine i think but the problem is the quality of my devices. My laptop and my HeadSet are not that topNoch so I want to ask how important it is to be on the MCME Discord Server. My mic doesn't sound that good and my laptop is more on the slower side. So when I join the Discord Server, will I have to speak or am i just there for information? And how laggy can that MCME Server (Minceraft) get?



Hardcore MCME-er
Hi there RickiPicki,

Discord is only really necessary for listening to information foremen give you if you want to join jobs, listening to tours or for being social, so you are more than welcome to join to just listen.
Generally I find the actual server only starts getting laggy for me when it is over 100 players, though depending on your PC this may vary. Some areas such as Dol Amroth will pretty much always be more laggy due to the block selection / techniques used.

For backdating to 1.12.2 i recommend checking this thread.

- Gadge