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Discord update

Discussion in 'Development Blogs' started by q220, Mar 30, 2017.

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    Mar 1, 2014
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    The plugin has been updated to a new major version. Here is a short list of the changes.

    Account linking

    You can now link your in-game Minecraft username to Discord. By doing this, rank changes will happen automatically to those who have linked their in-game username to Discord. You can link your in-game username by typing /discord link in the game's chat, which will show you a message with a four number pin:

    The bot is identified by a [BOT] label. You can right click him and select Message to privately message him. Send him the four number pin and he should respond immediatly with a result.

    Note: Rank changes do not happen in real-time on Discord, it requires the server to restart (which happens at least every 24h). However this will remove the double work required for @DynoDaring and @Finrod_Amandil for the rank changes, as they only have to be done once anymore within the game.

    2017-03-30 16_34_03-#serverchat - Discord.png

    The bot now has an understanding of icons. Icons won't show up within the game, but you can have them show up in Discord. For example typing :ring: in the game will show the MCME logo in Discord.

    Commands Discord <|> Minecraft
    There now is support to enable commands from Discord to Minecraft per role. Though not yet configured, I suppose this can be really helpful towards ranks such as Enforcers, who can remotely administrate through Discord. Commands written in Discord have to be preceeded with a !c prefix. For example !c tp q220 Eriol_Eandur will teleport q220 to Eriol_Eandur in the game (provided both users are logged in ofcourse)

    User Discipline
    Mostly interesting for Enforcers, users who have their account linked on Discord and receive a kick or ban, will automatically be kicked/banned from Discord and vice versa.
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