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Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application


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  • Date: I can't exactly remember, but I think end 2016
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: I did a couple of houses in Moria (Central dwelling) with Nic and Some other houses in Moria (Second dwelling) with Nic, some Roads with Quantacube, I'm currently building an inn (Second dwelling). Jobs and Plotbuild
  • Themed-builds: - Forest Gate 34, 9, 29918, Morgai Bridge 272, 53, 30471 Themed Build
  • Additional Builds: I'm currently practicing building statues Other Builds (1692, 18, 8185) but also started a hall with 12th, so be curious.:D
  • Your interests: Moria was a big motivation to actually start building on this server, before that I was building on other servers and had time to practice. But besides that, I love terraforming, making rivers or just landscaping.
  • Your motivation: Okay guys, I'll try and keep it simple, I love building Stuff, Lotr based or not. I love this whole creative process, to see things develop over time, from a small idea to the final product. Every time I build something, I'm trying to add these small little details that make a building unique and interesting, I hope you feel the same way too. So that was my artist application, if you have anything to say, please do so, I want to improve myself.;)
P.S. please excuse my bad English o_O
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Hello @DoctorDaom ,

Your application has been accepted! Congratulations to the Purple Legion! Lindolas and I both approve of your two build plots. He will help you get started if you need it as long as you ask.
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