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Accepted DoctorDaom - limited WE Badge


Staff member
When did you join?
First joined 2013 or so, but became an Artist on the 26th July, 2018

What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?
I am an artist and I have this rank for around 7 months.

How experienced are you in FAWE?
Worked with it on another build server, so yes I have experience with it.

Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge?
I know the basic commmands and I think that should be enough for the beginning.

Why do you need this badge?
Currently working in Moria and it's a pain to dig out a room or hall by hand, I want get faster in general and be more Independent.

What to you is a responsible and mature player?
Be friendly and helpful, don't abuse your powers, it's a game and you want to have fun at the end. If you have no idea where to start or forgot a command, just ask and be nice.
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