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Finished Dol Amroth Military District

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I present to you a contest for the...
Dol Amroth Military District

Its that time again within this project that a defensive/offensive zone needs building. As with many of the great cities in middle earth Dol Amroth has a protected military zone. How this military zone is laid out is up to YOU.

As this is a relatively large area you ( individually or as a group) will have 4 weeks (Sunday 29th March) to complete your military zone. The zone is defined by the 3 walls and cliff, how you use this space is entirely up to YOU. A few things to keep in mind though, this is a port city so will have a navy and army all housed within the same military district.

As this is a more fortified building the style will need to reflect that.

  • 1 group per plot (groups must apply on the forums and designated a plot before commencing)
  • 1 group/plot per player
  • Don't build on the grass below the cliff at the back of the plot. That part will not be pasted in
Register in this format by posting in this thread

Team name: name
Team members: member1, member2, etc.

After posting in this thread, please wait for your team to be added to this post and given a plot number. Once this has happened, use /warp Plot [Plot number] to warp directly to your plot.

Participating Teams:
  • 1. ThoNic (/warp Plot 1)
  • 2. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (/warp Plot 2)
  • 3. I will try but i will fail try 3 (/warp Plot 3)
  • 4. smvdlaan (/warp Plot 4)
  • 5. Imrahil's Building Army (/warp Plot 5)
  • 6. TSGroot Inc. (/warp Plot 6)
  • 7. I'm building on the grass below the cliff (/warp Plot 7)
  • 8. Aule (/warp Plot 8)
  • 9. Tower Guard (/warp Plot 9)

Post below if you have any questions. Now go build a military district worthy of Gondor!

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Head Developer
Team name: Imrahil's Building Army
Team members: Eriol_Eandur, King_Much, PINT00, r0b1n96, Volcrest
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Team name: I'm building on the grass below the cliff
Team members: The_AWOL
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Team Name: Hammer of Aule
Team Members: Aule_, Genexos
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