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Dol Amroth

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~ |Dol Amroth| ~
Project Leader:
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The emblem of the Prince of Dol Amroth was a silver-upon-blue banner, bearing a ship with a swan-prow upon the sea.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the last major build of Gondor

As many of you have been guessing, we have indeed been discussing a Dol Amroth revamp the past few weeks. After the Staff meeting it wasn't fully decided, but after a small meeting with Fin, Thijs and myself, we decided that we will be revamping Dol Amroth.

Of course this might come in as a shock for a lot of you, as it wasn't that long since we finished it. But since DA was built before we started Belfalas, it had different house styles to the ones we use in Belfalas. It uses more of a Nordic style, rather than an Italian style that Belfalas has. This of course was a problem, in which the only
real solution would be to revamp it.

Now, regarding the current state of Moria taking priority, I encourage everyone not to abandon Moria for DA, and if there is a request for help over in Moria you should answer without much hesitation. You don't have to abandon a current house or whatever and rush over to Moria, but again, please do answer help for the project that is taking a higher priority.

What will be new?

  • Terrain
First and foremost, there will be brand new terrain for DA. The size will be roughly similar to the old DA, other than a change in width mostly. As well as the size, the cliffs will also be made shorter, we felt that the old cliffs were too high and looked rather unrealistic and strange. The new ones will be around 30 - 45 blocks high, height will vary in certain areas.
  • Building style
As I said earlier the building style will be totally changed, changing from a Nordic based style to our Italian themed Belfalas style. It consist of the high roof, sandstone, clay, and white stone for the base. See below for the concepts
  • City layout
The layout of the city will be split into 9 different districts or 'towns', these are Sea-Town, Middle-Town, Gem-Town, Flea-Town, Trade-Town Gate-Town, Royal-Town, Port-Town and New-Town Within these 9 districts will be changes in wealth, (minimal) style and more.

As well as that, there is also the small fishing area to the far west of the city, along with the mines east of that, the farms outside of the city, the military area north of the city, and to the far north of that, the fortress accompanying Tirith Aear.

  • Realism
Something else that will be changed is Realism in the project. The city will include a lot more different professions. As well as that there will be a lot more farms outside the city gate, and on the path to Minas Aduial, the farms will be carefully thought out and be made to work if they were transferred to the real world. And lastly, we will incorporate connected houses, to fill in the gap between houses that was so evident in the old DA. Along with those, there will be many more touches of realism within the city.
  • Harbor
Another part we will be changing drastically is the harbor, it will be much larger accompanying a hell of a lot more Military vessels to defend the city and attack, more docks encircling the bay harbor.

  • House Layout
The houses will have their own gardens depending on which town. Usually the richer towns will have small gardens for vegetables or animals than poorer housing.




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Bounty Hunter

What will happen to old DA?

The old DA will be copied and saved into another world in case any unexpected events occur. But regarding on the main map, everything will be removed including terrain


For the two house styles we went for the regular Belfalas materials, but adding the tall/pointy roofs and white stone base for more of an Elven touch. The farm house uses lesser expensive materials, using more for the houses.



This will be the map used for the new Dol Amroth. Some of you might have already seen it on dynmap, but I have made some edits on it so it is easier to understand.

And here is a street view concept

As you see above, within the city walls are different sections that are split apart and color coded. These are:

Red = Trade Town
Trade Town is located near the centre of the city, just below the upper city. Trade Town features a large market in the centre, from which it gets its name from. It is a middle class town, with a main priority of trade and import/export of goods.

Purple = Middle Town
Middle Town is located in the direct centre of the city, this is where it gets its name from. It is again a middle class town in terms of wealth. This is one of the lessar iconic towns and serves more of a profession focused town, having lots of shops etc.

Light Blue = Sea Town
Sea Town is in the centre west of the DA. The name comes predictably from the sea where it is located directly next to. It has a poor - medium wealth, and it is similar to Middle Town by serving as a profession focused city.

Dark Blue = Gate Town
Gate town is a rich town, getting its name from its location at the city gate. It's wealth has come from business, people seeing gate town as the first thing as they enter DA, so it is impressionably rich.

Yellow = Royal Town
Royal Town is also a rich town focusing on housing for rich inhabitants of DA. Whether this be ranked military officers etc. As you can expect, the name Royal Town comes from its proximity to the richest area in the city, and being next to the Fortress/Palace.

Cyan = Gem Town

Gem Town is the last rich town we have in DA. It has high business with the mines to the south and from that, it gains its wealth. As well as that it is part of the rich upper section of DA, located beneath Royal Town and next to the military area.
Green = Flea Town
And lastly we have Flea Town. Flea town is the poorest town in DA. It was once infected with disease and sickness, though as it is slightly more stable to this day, it is still the poorest town and continues to carry it's name from the outbreak. It has housing for poorer citizens who work for non highly paid work.

As well as that, the map features some symbols and area's that are not keyed above.

Notable Places

Tirith Aear
Tirith Aear is marked on the map with a large red ring. There is not much detail about Tirith Aear other than a two or so sentances. It was said to be locating in the north of DA with one slow bell, and being inside or outside of walls is up to our interpretation. So what we have done is locate Tirith Aear within the palace/fortress area in the very north. The Tower is an icon for the city, and very well respected. It over looks the sea the for any corsiars or pirates, easily alarming the city with its one slow bell.

Just infront of it is a very rocky coastline, with a graveyard of several broken down corsair shipwrecks at the towers feet. They were not removed but kept as a symbol of DA power and a warning to any other corsairs/pirates.

Temple of the Seas
This is a temple located to the high west of the city, situated between Gem Town and Royal town. This is was not mentioned in tolkiens works, but rather was added into the city. It was an old numenorean temple, made when they first came to DA. It is now used as a place of worship for Ulmo.

Military Area
Once again we will have a new military area located in the east of the city, and beneath the palace/fortress. It will be similar size to the old one, maybe larger. It also connects to a smaller fortress directly to the right. This is the High court of the naval military management. It is used as a tactical fortress for the DA navy.

Military Docks
Leading on from the Military Area, the docks are connected directly to the military area. The docks consist of strictly military war vessals. It is a very rich dock supported by the DA government.

The stronghold for the new DA is featured in the uppermost northern area of the city. It is a stronghold that was first built by the Numenoreans. It will be mainly all connected in an almost castle like appearance. It is also connected directly to Tirith Aear in the north of the stronhold.


Fishing Area
The fishing area is located near the bottom left of the city. It is directly connected to Sea town and has only a fishing priority. It is protected by a large rocks sticking out of the sea, giving it a barrier and blocking it off from attacks. It has only a handful of houses near the docks, mainly being fishing related houses.

New Town
New Town is located in north-east. It is not directly connected within the city walls, making it the most vulnerable part of the DA. It is the newest built town so it isn't yet in the walls. It is not completely defense-less, as it is protected by mountains all around it, making it difficult nay impossible to attack. It has its own docks called the 'general harbor' used mainly for trade ships.

Port Town
Port town is a medium wealth town, featuring its port at the bottom. The port docks work and commercial ships and boats, the main dock for trade and transport. It is the most notable docking in the city.

And lastly we have the farmland, which is located all around the outside fields of the city walls. There isn't too much to say about the farmland, other than it having large fields, and will use the three-field system. Which in basics is a farming method used in the medieval times to rotate the farm growth in order to restore minerals.

House Guide and house info

The house guide can be viewed when you warp to /warp Dol Amroth It is located near the gate if you don't want to warp there. Along with the guide there is also a street perspective of what the houses should look like when connected.

The house guide and the basic concept is much more of an exaggerated idea of what the houses look like. When you're building the houses in the city, they will very most likely only be rectangles and have no other overhangs etc.. Please feel free to add a lot more detail to your house facades than the guide and single concept show, we want a very lively and decorated city.

Also take note that the houses in BLUE and GREEN are Residential, and the houses in PURPLE and GREEN are professions.


DA will also feature a lot of different guilds throughout the city, here is a list of them:
Builders Guild
Farmers Guild
Masons Guild
Smithys Guild
Carpenters Guild
Artists Guild
Cooks Guild
Merchants Guild
Brewers Guild
Historians Guild
Bounty Hunters Guild
Warriors Guild

Dol Amroth will also be a new opportunity for us to use all the wonderful plugins that have been recently added. These are:

Architect will be mainly used to get different types of heads that will be used around the place as a means of decoration. And as well as that it will be used for artists and advernturers to do things that they usually couldn't do, ie piston tables, candles etc.
Plotbuild Plugin
The plotbuild plugin will be used to enable adventurers to build in the actual Dol Amroth city, without having to tp to a plotbuild in plotworld, and making houses in lots. The plotbuild houses will be marked out in CYAN colored wool.

Background lore:

It's described as "a stronghold upon the high promontory of Dol Amroth," and is at the southern coast of Cobas Haven, a small bay.

This land was given to Imrahil's ancestors by Elendil, "with whom they had kinship." The area would not have been named Dol Amroth until after the disappearance of Amroth, who presumably drowned, in 1981 of the third age.

What to do for Adventurers:

Plotbuild houses
Farm walls

To do List:
(Not in order)

Make the terrain - [not started]

House layouts - [not started]

Walls - [not started]

Roads - [not started]

Farms - [not started]

Harbor - [not started]

Vegetation - [not started]

Decoration - [not started]

Stronghold - [not started]

Overall Completion - 5%

Final Comment

In conclusion this project will take roughly 2-4 months depending on how fast progress is made.
If you guys have an suggestions about what we can add/change please let me know down in the comments, any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and here's to a successful conclusion to an amazing project


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So a small update: The terrain has finally started now after spending a few days figuring out the size of the promontory. We're currently focusing on the terrain outside the city walls (flying purple line of wool), meaning that the farmland outside Dol Amroth has begun!

I have begun marking out some houses that are ready for building, but before you start building, don't forget to read this.


Along with the new farm house, you'll need to understand the key for the houses. Here is an example of the information that you will see in your plot:

PS. Credit goes to Kemce for this idea :p

And lastly here is some more information that will help you get by:
- Plots marked with a yellow ring above them are special builds meaning you need to ask myself or Thijs to make them.
- Green and Purple plots are profession houses, they usually have the profession, ie. baker, downstairs, and residents living upstairs. But keep in mind this information will be written in your key, so don't worry!
Green and Blue plots are strictly residential houses, they only serve as housing for people and nothing else. Usually they contain more residents.
Green and Yellow marked plots are Guilds and are usually a special build, but not always, so keep a look out!
- Lastly, a reminder that if you are an
Artist + You can feel free to build any house you like, as long as it's not marked as a special build, just get a Designer to move the key up above the house for you, do it yourself, or memorize it (not a suggested idea :p ).

Happy building!


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NOTE: Mark your houses with orange wool above your house when you are done, so I know when to check it! If not I will assume it's still a W.I.P


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Head Developer
Dol Amroth terrain is progressing.
First rough shape is finished, will probably still be changed a lot:
In the foreground there will be Trade Town and Sea Town. Behind up on the cliffs there will be Gem Town and Royal Town. In the background up on another line of cliffs will be the palace and Tirith Aear .


Hardcore MCME-er

Changed some of the info under the Port Town section of the project post. Main difference now is that it's strictly only for commercial trade and general transportation only, and no longer features any military vessels.

With the general shape of the terrain completed, Eriol, Darki and myself have begun making the detailed terrain on the promontory, progress on that has lifted after the short texturing period.

Additionally, I have begun to make markers on all the fully completed terrain indicating what it is (eg. see the purple pillar in the above screenshot).
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