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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : doohammer
Date Joined : 9 december 2014 i am pretty shure…other wise i did play back in 2013
Themed Build participated in: zigerrat-form of temple.
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:
What is your prefered building style? i would not care i like trees and also even stuff


doohammer perhaps try a theme build on our freebuild server as at least one is required for an Artist application. Look HERE


Hardcore MCME-er
i thought that would be a great representation of my skills, do you need proof that i made it?
If you read up on how to get artist, it clearly says that you must have atleast 1 Themedbuild to apply.
You can have your own personal builds aswell, but there must be 1 TB


Hardcore MCME-er
Plus having 1 picture of 1 build is not a good representation of your skills and will not be sufficient to become artist.

This app has been checked and is not sufficient to obtain artist. If you want more feedback on your app by community members or staff, you can post on the artist/builder feedback thread in the discussions section of our forums under minecraft related topics.