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Canceled Driffen's Limited World Edit Badge Application

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Starting Adventurer
Badge requirements:
  • Be at least Artist or Guide -Check
  • Have experience in FAWE basics -Check
  • Is responsible and mature enough to use the tool in an effective manner -Check
  • When did you join?
I joined the server on the 1st of February 2018
  • What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?
I am currently an artist and I applied for said role on the 24th of February and was accepted several days later.
  • How experienced are you in FAWE?
Yes I have had several years experience with FAWE both on my private server as well as on a separate public server where I was tasked with managing server projects and builds. Over the course of my time there I became very familiar with the program and used it regularly to help complete many of my projects.
  • Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge?
No I'm confident that I posses the necessary understanding to successfully implement and utilize the program in my building process. Though admittedly I am not familiar with all commands (as the program contains somewhere in the count of 200) I have in the past taken time to note outlets pertaining to this program such as the developer's support discord server, spigot page and a collection of YouTube videos on the topic, so that if I encountered a problem I have the means of resolving it.
  • Why do you need this badge?
Im looking to start work in Moria, hopefully getting a hall to work on. I believe that Limited WE would be a valuable asset as it would allow me to function more efficiently whilst working in Moria. I have also found myself working in agricultural areas on the server working on fields and with crops. In the past I have used FAWE to speed up this process, allowing me to complete a greater number of fields in shorter period of time.
  • What to you is a responsible and mature player?
A responsible and mature player to me is someone who can be depended on to act appropriately whilst on the server and someone who abides by the server rules and regulations. It is also someone active in server roles and activities such as assisting in jobs. In the context of an artist it would be someone willing to meet expectations in both the quality and relative quantity of there work and contributions.
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