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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username: Lemsye
Date Joined: August 20, 2014
Theme Build Participated In: Lond Daer, Pelargir, Grond, Vinyamar, Dol Amroth, Fords of Isen, Linhir, Hobbit Hole, Seven Gates of Gondolin, Minas Tirith, Lond Daer 2, Iant Iuar, Erebor Throne Hall, Weathertop, White House.
Link to pictures of my builds/theme builds: Lemsye's albums - Imgur
Building Style: Small/Landscape/Exteriors
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Hardcore MCME-er

For more info/feedback please refer to Will_em and if needed send him a forum conversation

Try to organise the pictures of each build in different albums. It's easier to edit them afterwards or make descriptions and the likes.