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Durin's Day Summer Events - "The Big Bang 2016"


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Firework Making Competition

Thursday 4th August at 7pm BST
In 2014's summer event, "The Two Trees", @Finrod_Amandil made a fantastic firework display for the closing event, and in last year's events we had a fabulous firework display during the opening of the event ,and there were also more during other events. Also in the future we will have the Gondor Completion Firework Display.

This year "The Big Bang" Firework Competition will be happening again!

The competition will work as following: Everyone gets a 5x5 plot which includes a chest filled with a stack of every firework-relevant material (all colours, shape and effects ingredients, gunpowder, paper), a crafting table, and an anvil. You will get 20 minutes to craft and try out fireworks, after that you hand in your best creation. But, of course, you can try out different ideas on single player before the event.

The winner will be chosen by the best firework people on MCME @SmaugJuice and @Finrod_Amandil (although he doesn't know he is a judge yet) and the winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony. The winning firework will be included in the Gondor Completion Firework Display.

There are only 32 plots available so, if you would like to reserve a plot, please post below or ask SmaugJuice in game. If you don't reserve a plot then you may not get one. Any spare plots before the event will be able to be used by people who haven't reserved a plot but there will be a limited amount.

Guide to Crafting Fireworks
Creating nice fireworks is not as easy as you may think, mainly because there are so incredibly many possibilities. Below you find an overview of all these, and how to use them. The example shown uses the 2x2 crafting grid, but just the same applies to the 3x3 grid, only that you can add much more ingredients, however if you add too much, it won't look nice anymore!
Also note that for all of the crafting recipes it is completely irrelevant how you arrange the ingredients, it will always work.

For a more thorough tutorial you can as well refer to the >>Minecraft wiki article<< or there are plenty of guides and tutorials on YouTube.

Firework stars
2229-bd095b50e7881bf5a59f65105fc03e8f.jpgThe main ingredient of a firework rocket is one or even multiple firework stars. They can be seen as one specific explosion, having one or multiple colours, a specific shape and some optional extra ingredients. The use of multiple stars in one rocket allows for more shapes and colours.

The most basic firework is crafted using one piece of gunpowder and at least one colour. That will result in a small round ("small ball") explosion with particles of that colour.

To give the explosion a different shape than the default small ball, the following ingredients can be used:

2230-893444519ff6603b009a6c443c4e9b1e.jpg Fire charge: Makes the explosion bigger ("Large Ball").
2231-3291350fe38c5be3f9f3717a43e01910.jpg Feather: Results in an unordered burst ("Burst"), especially interesting in combination with diamond (see below).
2232-4db04844923e9ba1e63d00b988d88adf.jpg Gold nugget: Adds a 3D star-shaped explosion ("Star-shaped").
2233-0f175d3b0f5e7334620294b1afff6fd3.jpg (Any) head: The explosion is shaped like a creeper face ("Creeper-shaped").

Only one of these can be used for each firework star!

Additional effects
2234-4f52db1e443544826cb8dad74aa48579.jpg Glowstone Dust: Makes the particles twinkle.
2235-4c4f113751b85ac79710f5d8fd2edcc4.jpg Diamond: Makes all the particles leave a long trail.
Both of these can be used in one firework star.

One more possibility is that the initial colour(s) of a firework star fade into other colour(s) after the explosion. To achieve that, first craft the normal firework star (with initial colour, shape and effects), and then drag that firework star into the crafting grid again and then add the fading colours. Note: only the colour can be faded into, no second shape or effects can be added.

Firework rocket
Firework rockets are crafted using one or multiple (up to 7 with 3x3 grid, up to 2 with the 2x2 grid) firework stars, 1 - 3 pieces of gunpowder (the more gunpowder the longer it soars up before it explodes) and one piece of paper.

If you would like more information on "The Big Bang" please ask @SmaugJuice or if you would like more information about the rest of the Summer Events, please ask @NicTheFifth.
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