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Durin's Day Summer Events - "The Uruk-hai training grounds, or The Isengard Obstacle Course"

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The Uruk-hai training grounds
Isengard Obstacle Course


3rd August 2016
6pm BST

Since this Event had such positive feedback back in 2014 we decided to bring it back for this years Summer Event!

For those who are not familiar with it.
It is basicly a run around the wall of Isengard, where you have to tackle different obstacles.
The Person who finishs the first wins.
And do not expect this thing to be easy!

Since the event is more fun the more people actually attend, we would like to invite all of you to participate!

Cheers, The Summer Event Team
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Why is this in the middle of the week I ask... I would like to participate so much but cuz of timing I probably can't.


Manual Treebuilder
Cleanup crew reporting in. We've cleared the entire course and tried to fix everything that got changed. We've got everything we can see but there may still be a few things wrong with the battlements so if people could look out for anything and post it in the derp report thread or tell an artist who's online that would be great!
Thanks to @TI_020601 especially for sticking around looking for derps with me, as well as everyone else who helped clear up :)

PS Next time save a copy of the place before building ...


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I am not saying it shoudl have beed done earlier, maybe postponing would have been better idea? If this was a real life mass event this timing would bring a lot of hate and critique. It certainly killed the fun of whole Durin's days for me.


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is there possibly someone who recorded the fun?
since i built like 1/3 of the whole thing and sadly coudlnt participate i would love to see people racing trough :)