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Durin's day summer events!



It is time for the summer events again!

For those who don’t know what they are, they are a period in summer when we have some fun events, such as Races, tours and other fun things.

We have a total of 12 events, including opening and closing ceremony, they are:

The opening ceremony;

The ceremony where we announce when the events will be and have some fun

The great river race;

a specialy made terrain full of parkour, mazes and other fun stuff

Pig race;

a race but on PIGS;

Boat race;

a race with boats on one of the great rivers of MCME;


you can submit your own songs here: Karaoke;

The 6 hours of pvp;

we pvp, but for 6 hours;

Elytra race;

a race where we fly through wonderfull terrain;

Team fortress two;

a game that you can get for free on steam;

Uruk-hai training grounds;

a race around Isengard with some obstacles;

Bill the pony tour;

a tour where we follow the ‘mane’ man of Sam;

Big bang fireworks;
a firework creation competition;

And last but not least a closing ceremony.

The ceremony where we end the double D summer events.


The team that brought you these summer events are: @Thijs1801 @Tyranystrasz @Darki190 @kisos @Wraith_Knight @Eriol_Eandur @_Luk @Wroxxite @DSESGH @Artale @Lady_of_Rohan @CEFKILLA96 @mingthemusical @NicTheFifth and the one who stays forever droog @ViggyIggy

We wish you all a good summer holiday and the best of summer events,

Summer events 2016 team.

If you have any questions/suggestions send a message to @NicTheFifth
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For the people who want to play team fortress today/tomorrow, you need to connect to the server ip, to do that you need to go to the options, then in the window that pops up there should be an option called advanced, when you click dat you can enable the console, after you've done that press the ` or ~ key to open the console and type: connect [server ip]
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TF2 event starts at 7PM BST -- that's in just under an hour from now. Make sure you have Team Fortress 2 installed, hop on the MCME TeamSpeak and connect to tf2.viggyiggy.com from in game (see Arditt's post above).

If you're connecting via the console, the commands you need are:

connect tf2.viggyiggy.com
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