Dwarf Fortress

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Not sure how many people play this game here. If you don't, you should check it out (http://bay12games.com/dwarves/)

Behind the bad graphics there is an extremly complex and in-depth coding (I think that is the word I should use). Use this thread to post stories, screenshots, etc.

I will start off....
A very busy, half-built dining hall/meeting room:

All the smiley faces are Dwarves.


Mar 1, 2014
Oh no... this game... I have sunk way, way too many hours into this game over the years. It appeals to my neurotic attention to detail and desire for organization and order...

That being said, the game can be quite overwhelming to someone just learning to play. Never fear though, persistence and patience are rewarded by much fun.

For anyone interested in getting started, you can check out some of the 'packs' such as the updated Lazy Newb Pack. The graphics can be updated with any number of graphics packs, which are included in the pack (I was never able to get into the game with the base graphics...) and, in my opinion, the game is virtually unplayable without the utility program, Dwarf Therapist (included in the pack as well, basically a GUI for managing the dwarf skills and assigned jobs, which is an otherwise cumbersome task given the in-game menu system).

Anyone wanting to take the plunge, check out the massively extensive wiki, and the new player guide therin. Such a great game!


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Mar 26, 2014
You should try Gnomoria - same playstyle, constantly updated and with better graphics :p


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Mar 1, 2014
No longer on the forums
I tried playing it, but now I can't even get the Farmer to farm..
I tried everything, checking his gear, his skills, etc, etc, but he wouldn't farm.
I have given up until my game get's unbugged.
And I don't even know how to report a bug.

That is far better than the alternative... he could have gone berserk and started killing all of the other dwarves...
I had one dwarf go berserk, but I managed to lock him in a bedroom and he died of thirst. Another one, a dwarven child, went berserk and was killed by my military.
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Mar 30, 2014
When I was going to a chess tournament, me and a friend were told to play this without a wiki, we spent 1.5 hours trying to get dwarves to cut wood.