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Dwarf seeks Battleaxe name change


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Hello there guys,
My name is Qublox17 and I wanted to ask for something that, I suppose is not commonly done, so I might be the first one to request it. The issue is as follows:
I'm a very big fan of the dwarf race, not only in LOTR. I love the way these short men live underground, building epic cities and perfecting the art of mining and warfare. I reelly like battleaxes, and it got me thinking.

With /kit tools you get the mattock axe, which "appears to dwarven made". As such I would really want someone to change the name of my axe (Maybe to give me an entirely new one) to Maraz - Urk, which is Khazalid for "Ork - Splitter". The custom description if possible could be changed to: "Of all the things a Dwarf Warrior owns, his battleaxe is the most valuable and the most honourable to take into battle and to the grave"


Hardcore MCME-er
Your custom description is too long to fit in a command. To do it, I would need command block access, which I don't have on build. If you come up with a new description with a max length of 31 characters (that includes spaces, commas, etc.), I can give it to you. I'll be away for the next week though, so you'll need to find someone else if you want it sooner than that.

If any staff wants to give the item, the command is
/give Qublox17 diamond_sword 1 0 {display:{Name:"Maraz-Urk",Lore:[Lore]}}
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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I actually wanted to give it to him right the day he asked, but he left seconds before I executed the command. Felt like it wasn't that important after that (yes I messaged him that im about to give him his axe)