Endless Legend

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Dirt Conaisseur
Mar 3, 2014

Ever wanted to play Civ V in a sleek, fantasy world? Well, here's Endless Legend.

I saw TotalBiscuit talk about it in Steam Sale video, and me being a huge Civ V player, it looked super cool.

Basically, it's Fantasy Civ V. BUT, you can do al ot more in it. It's not just a "re-skin". It definitely has its own unique elements. I can't explain every little new mechanic, but one of the main things I saw that was new was the ability to customize army units. You can make your own soldier! Equip him with different weapons/armor and even assign a Hero General to it to make it more powerful.

I just thought some people might be interested in it cause I know we have TONS of 4x strategy players here. Civ V is getting a tad repetitive for me, so this was a breath of fresh air. So here's a video explaining the basics (about an hour long but, hey, it's a complex game/also the video says it's in alpha, but the video is over 6 months old so things might be different now):
Me and popcorn have picked it up since it's %50 off right now, and I think it'd be real fun to play a multiplayer game with some people.