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Eomer’s Pig Race


Hardcore MCME-er
Eomer’s Pig Race
July 5th at 7PM BST (2PM EDT)


Welcome soldier, you have arrived just in time. The dark forces have begun their attack and we soon will march to meet them. However, we first need to muster the troops. Eomer has tasked you with fulfilling this important task. Are you ready soldier? Sign up here and make your preparations. We ride at dusk!​

So this is how this event will work. We have 4 rounds of racing planned out across Rohan. After each race, the top finishers will move on to the next round. (Exact cut-offs to be determined by the number of participants.) Those participants that make it to the final round will race to see who will be the winner.​

  • We will be lenient, but signing up beforehand to participate is encouraged
  • Racers will follow the chosen routes given to them at the start of each round
  • No flying, speed hacks, or other cheating allowed

General Route Locations:
  • Round 1: Edoras to Helm’s Deep
  • Round 2: Isengard to Dunharrow
  • Round 3: Dunharrow to Firien Wood
  • Round 4: Firien Wood to Minas Tirith
Sign up now soldier! Gondor calls for aid!