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Eriador 32x32 pack


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Hello guys. Some of u may remember I was working (with help of some people, @jacenpeter ) on 32x32 pack and posting some screenshots from it.

Well, pack is not yet finished but I decided to share it. Its synchronized with latest eriador pack and has a bit of extra textures for some unused blocks I plan to submit for 16x pack. It also has some glass pane magic inside :).

Some 32 textures are still missing (chests, dispenser, dropper, furnace (I think I got somethign for last one)), some are simple conversion from 16 to 32. I also miss most of the flora (leaves etc) properly recreated in 32 enviroment.

Most of the textures have bump maps. Theres also a lot of randomized textures.

For the missing/existing textures that would use some love - if you have texture you made and believe it would fit in the pack - contact me.

Here are some fancy screenshots (sorry, shaders included, pack goes well with extra foliage mod):

Aaaand here is the download

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Is the waviness of the water because of shaders, or is that part of the pack?
If only my computer was better at graphics :/


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Stop posting screenshots and messages that its broken I already know this and it annoys me to the point I will delay repair even further.