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Every Day Carry


Builds trees by hand
I know some people carry some really cool things with them every day or just a set of keys. It is always interesting to see what people think is important everyday.

Items in order by the numbers:
1. 58" Revolution Hi Vis White and Red Long Cane - Collapsed
2. Generic over regular glasses sunglasses
3. EOS Chapstick
4. Wallet
5. Set of Iphone Headphones in Case
6. Optelec Compact Touch HD portable CCTV
7. Well worn walking cane
8. Carson Design M16-01KZ 3" Folding lock blade Knife
9. LG 3 with a otterbox case
10. Mag-lite mini in holster
11. Handicap placard
12. Generic 8gb flash drive
13. Old Familiar Comb Company Beard Comb and Bottle Opener
14. 4 Misc Carabiners
15. Leatherman micra
16. Craftman pocket flat head screwdriver, library Card, and House Key

What do you have in your pockets?


Hardcore MCME-er
That's a lot of crap to carry on your person. The carabiners confuse me, the rest actually serves some sort of purpose.
Like wod, i only carry a phone, keys, and wallet. And i do my best to forget my phone at home (so i don't get distracted), and to forget my wallet in my car (so i don't spend money). So really i just carry my keys.


Hardcore MCME-er
What I always carry when I go out:
1. Wallet (minus cash so I don't spend it)
2. My 7-year-old Sanyo flip phone.

What I often carry when I go out:
3. Nikon Coolpix S205
4. iPod Nano/Sony MDR-ZX100 Headphones
5. Box of Magic: The Gathering cards (Only when I plan on using them though.)


Hardcore MCME-er
I almost always carry a bag so here's what I got in the bag and mah pockets.


Items in order by the numbers:
1. A warm sweater
2. Leather bag
3. The current book I'm reading
4. Bose Quietcomfort 15
5. Portable Charger
6. Pencil-box

Not shown:
1. A digested-food ton off school books


Items in order by the numbers:
1. One pair of in-ear-headphones
2. Second pair of in-ear-headphones
3. Random shit that I carry because I can't be arsed to take them out
4. Wallet

Not shown:
1. Samsung Galaxy S3 (getting a new one soon)


Aspiring Member
This would be such a cool thing to do on Facebook. But instead we call it loot you can pickpocket from somebody. xD.

Lucky this is not Facebook.

I carry my phone wallet and keys with me like most people in western countries.
But when I put on my lab coat at work (most of my day) I carry a lot of other stuff like:

1. Glass bottels. I am to lazy to grab beakers (3 m away) for small amounts of fluid.
2. Stirring magnets. To play with if your bored. I mean to stir.
3. Caps for a multipippet.
4. Pens 20 of them because you can never have enough. Pens in a lab last for 2 days then you lost it or somebody toke it.
5. Markers 20 of them. Same as the pens.
6. Post-it notes. Because sometimes you need small yellow paper to stick to something.
7. Safety glasses. But mostly I just wear these on my face.
8. Matches. Because I am a firestarter.

A lab coat is not really for safety its more for storage. If I could I would just walk around with all the chemicals in my pockets.


Experienced Member
I'm a simple man.

1. Motorola Moto X

(sorry for the massive image)
Must say I really miss my iPhone (incoming android master race comments)

2. JVC Marshmellow Earbuds

3. Black Leather Wallet my dad got me while in Italy (too lazy for picture)