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Farewell, Departure and Launch

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Hardcore MCME-er
Ladies and Gentlemen. It has come the time when I finally say "What a journey that has been.."

Today is the day I mark my official resignation and retirement of my role as Head Enforcer and the project as a whole.

There's been countless instances of whether this project would continue. We've faced many doubts, confused with speculation as to where we all stand and often brooded on premonitions if one thing could be the ultimatum to end everything (If you had been around since the early stages of the project many of you would know). However, at no point did I ever want that to happen and I hope that I've done enough on my end to continue the courage and ever-standing endurance.

In retrospect to what others may of said about the project (even getting to where it is now), I've always had hope it would continue, and sure fact it did. It was always my mantra and vision to set the foundation for this community to prosper. Everything from consulting and mentoring individuals, instilling and revising plans and projects, being a proverbial medium for ideas and addressing concerns, reaffirming responsibility and accountability... I wanted to be there for everyone and I wanted to give them opportunity they deserve.

In the four or so years I've been here I am truly appreciative where we have come thus far and with the friends that I have made on here and the people that I have met (despite some coming and going), I only see an aligning, promising future.

To address my impermanent role as Head Enforcer, I have offered to pass the torch to @DynoDaring64 of which he openly accepted. I trust that you support him with his transition to Head Enforcer.

As I try to leave you now, I want you all to take a to reflect on the good and inspiring times you had on this server. Whether this community had helped in any instances of your life. If it gave you a chance to make new friends or you’re just a passerby observing things from a distance; I hope this server gives you the opportunity to write a positive chapter in your life, as it had done for me.



Hardcore MCME-er
We'll miss you Iru! Best wishes as you venture into the mysterious and dangerous realm known only as "irl." Hopefully though, this will not be the last we see of you;)

Also, gratz Dyno! I can't think of anyone who would be a better fit to fill Iru's position.


Hardcore MCME-er
Good luck on real life, Iru. You'll certainly be missed here. You can be sure that if you ever have time to come here every once in a while, you'll receive a warm welcome.

You and what you did to the server will never be forgotten. I believe that you, as the Head Enforcer and Head Guide, are the main person that makes MCME be the friendly, homely and safe online environment that it is.

I will certainly never forget what you made of the Guide rank, and you can be safe that I will try to be the best Guide I can be, for I understand the importance of my rank to the server.

I always thought of you as someone too important to resign or be demoted, you were for me the most important Vala/Head _. But I guess nothing is everlasting and we do have someone competent enough to assume your duties. Could it be someone other than Dyno? I don't think so.


Hardcore MCME-er
Iru was one of the those staff members who proved to me how much more this server is than others I have been on, how professionally, maturely, and willingly our community's leaders bear themselves and perform their duties. Thank you, goodbye, and good luck.


This is truly the end of an amazing era. The last of those aptly named original Kings of MCME history and who has been widely known and admired is taking time to focus on those real life endeavors that come to us all. It can demand incredible amounts of our time and I know you will jump in with both feet to make the most of it as you have with all of us who had the privilege to know and work with you. I will not say farewell because I trust that you will pop in from time to time through one medium or another, whether it be Teamspeak, the forums, or in game. And as far as filling in the shoes of Head Enforcer I can honestly admit that even if I am here 4 years like yourself I will still have room to fill up. Resigning or retiring does not mean you are any less of a good role model for the rest of us. I wish you all the best my friend in the coming future!


Dirt Conaisseur

I haven't cared for the goings on of this server for a long time now, but this has me deeply saddened. You were one of the greats, and you always will be in the eyes of the people of MCME. I still remember the day you gave me my first rank, on a dusty road out of Bree. This is one of the saddest days that MCME will ever face. Whatever ails you in life Iru, always know that we will be with you.

You will not be missed, Iru, because we will never forget you. Farewell.


Hardcore MCME-er
Hi, you said to me on my resignation message "I thank you for the time you were Ranger and wont forget the times you had helped out. Peace". I would like to return the message. Thank you for the time you were Vala and I won't forget the contributions to the server and to myself on a personal level. Peace.


Staff member
I remember those long conversations we had when things looked really dire for mcme. It became a reason for you to hate the valar channel.
I remember you fighting for your vision of a better mcme. It is for us now to make sure your efforts to better mcme where not in vain.
But I also remember the silly times we had and they still make me smile. I hope you will remember us with a smile and remember the great times we had.
I will miss you friend, farewell. Please don't become a stranger.


Aspiring Member
I will miss you greatly, Iru, as you have been a big contribution to this server and have brought happiness to the people on it. Good luck in life.
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