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Gooday my fellow friends,

recently quite some question rised about the resignation and leaving of mulitple MCME members, in this thread i want to share my point of view on it, and my reason for resigning.

In the last days i felt a strong disconnect with the Community of the server and the Way things are handled here. There is something wrong if the Building side of a Server Focused on Building is interfered by the Enforcing Part. And that is what happened here from my Opinion.

The Recent Events are what drove me to my decision to resign. At the moment i have no motivation to support a server whos rules are enforced in such inconsistencies that it ratter seems like the ban decision are nothing but coincidences. They are often based on lacking Informations and do often not even take the other side into consideration, this is a procedure noone enforcing reallife lore would do, and is wrong.

There is a saying, "Don't feed the Troll". And in this case the Enforcers did exactly that, banning people who were complaining about the way banning and the Enforcement in general is handled. That shows that theres only one thing to be found here. Only the extreme exists, you either hate the server or you love it. You either support it or try to vandalize it. Thats childish thinking and leads to nothing but more Drama, which we had alot thus far. This makes me think, maybe the Drama doesn't search us, but we are ratter creating it ourselves.

In Context of the other Events that happened, here aswell some of the Decisions of the Enforcers were in my Opinion completly wrong. It's the Question whether banning people for stuff they've done outside of the "MCME Network is right thing.

Also the hatred against certain Servers on here is abnoxious, which leads me to the conclusion, that we ain't in any way better then the Servers we are vilifying. Also there have been Rumors about that people from that Server were actively trying to cause all of this mess, thats nothing but wrong and i really dont know where those brain splints come from.

However to have my Future on the Server lying in such Conditions is nothing i want to go for, which is why im cutting the ropes.

For now, I wish you guys all the best, and I guess our Paths will cross again in one Way to another.
On a side note, please don't try to convince any of the leaving to stay, it's their own decision.

Farewell, _Luk

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these are some good words Luke, and I hope your future is bright and full of good assassins creed moments.
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