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When I first joined the server over 4 years ago I never thought I was going to stay. I was just searching for some nice LOTR builds to explore. What made me stay was the ability to actually build something on the server (thanks @Will_em for your jobs ;) ). Then I got involved in getting Commoner, then Artist. That motivated me to help more and more. Another thing that bound me even more to the server was the ability to help with plugins (thank you @q220 for admitting me into the developer team).

But what I really wanted to do was to lead a project of my own. And because of public projects I got that opportunity (thanks @Credoo). Then, after almost a year in purple I got promoted to Designer. That made it possible for me to lead something as big as a whole city and to help even more. It's been great time, helping with all those amazing projects and cooperating with many amazing people. I thank all of you and hope to see you again in the future.

However, after 3 years in green I started to feel different. Somehow building became boring and I couldn't bring myself to work on stuff I planned. Maybe I spent too much time underground building halls in Moria. I enjoyed it but after a while work became a bit monotonous. I tried to return to the surface but the motivation was gone and I felt completely spent. All I did recently was Themed Builds and that also can become boring if that's all you do ;)

So after 3,5 years in green and 4,5 years on the server in total I decided to step down and take a long break. I need some time to clear my mind and stop thinking about all the stuff I should do.

So again thank you for the opportunity to participate in this amazing project with so many great people. Some day I will probably be back because I'll miss you all. But for now, I'm taking a break.

Special thanks to @_Luk and @QuantaCube for the great time we had building stuff on freebuild as well as the main map, to @Aaldim, @Dallen and @Eriol_Eandur for all the time we spent making plugins, to @Despot666 for giving me my first job as Artist, to @Despot666, @Patrick_0901 and @BWOT for your cooperation in Moria and helping me every time I struggled with something ;)



Lead Builder
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Lead Builder
Aww sad to see you go, you where the first person I met when I joined the server and taught me the commands to get kits for the pvp fighting we did in plotworld, untill rwy came and ruined all the fun by cheating. Hope you come back soon


Hardcore MCME-er
Ivan, you thanked Will_em for the job he gaved to you. Now it is my turn to thank you for the first job you gave to me, although you might not remember the ruining of a dark, deep corridor ;). However how short the amount we spent together was, you helped me a lot, bringing me the desire to be a greater artist (I am still on my way). And now you are gone, we shan't meet for a long time, who will teach me how to do statues ?
You want to take a break, that, I understand. But don't forget what has been inherent in a 6th of your life, don't forget these times you spent on MCME. But also, cook, read, run, whatever you want ! In 2 words, enjoy life.
Farewell Ivan.


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Media Team

I've never really got to know you, but none the less I'm not sad to hear of your departure.

I don't dare count the hours committed to MCME, as they'd be far too many! Thank you for all your work, both in the development side of things and especially with theme builds.

I hope everything works out for you and remember, dont be a stranger, pop in sometimes!

See you soon!