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Favourite Tolkien Character


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I like Sam, Tom bombadil and Gandalf. But favorite I would have to choose Gimli, he becomes a king, and goes to Valinor, also he's good at fighting.

P.S you spelled favorite wrong.
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I like: Melkor, sauron, The Witch King, Khamûl, Ungoliant, Gollum and Gandalf!

can't choose which one is my favourite. ;)
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Battles and rings of doom are all exciting to read about, but in my heart there is a special place for the beautiful stories, full of wit and charm.

My favourite character of the Tolkien's Legendarium is: Roverandom. In fact my favourite book of his is Roverandom. I read this book in class to 7-9 year olds. Just before they can read The Hobbit.

Rover is the little dog in this sketch by Alan Lee. He is named Roverandom for reasons that become clear in the narrative. There is the Mrs Artaxerxes, the Mer-King's lovely but elderly daughter and a certain blue wizard called Artaxerxes, a plum picker. At the end of the book they all settle down in England.