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Fexel's Minigames Badge Application


Hardcore MCME-er
Minecraft username: Fexelitche
Date Joined: 19th of July 2018

Rank (Commoner+ ): Yes
Microphone?: Yes.
Talk regularly on Discord?: Indeed. I am on VC almost every evening.

Motivation/ Why am I applying for the Badge?: I use a lot of my time on MCME and something I've experienced and something I'm actively trying to bring focus on is the lack of attention newcomers gets and the lack of things they can do. I see new-comers coming on each and every day to experience that there's nothing for them to do. Sometimes they're even straight out ignored. That is my primary reason for applying for this badge - to get myself a tool with which I can provide New-comers with entertainment in the many situations where no Foreman nor designer is to be found.
Also, I enjoy minigames myself and would happily host one at any time if I were asked.
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