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Filming idea


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Dyno advised I post here, so here goes:

Was thinking about videos and YouTube filming, and the thought occurred that what I've not seen from MCME is a good job video. Now, personally speaking, I like looking at things that have already been done, but there's only so many times you can watch a tour of the server; what would be better would be to film some of the jobs, especially the larger ones.

In terms of style, I'm thinking of something like the FyreUK team produce. Their timelapse techniques would - with a few changes - work really well on larger jobs, and similar techniques could be adapted to make neat little videos or slideshows for smaller jobs.

Is just an idea, and I'm happy to give it a shot and tinker with the format a bit, was just wondering what people thought :)

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The only regularly occurring jobs that would be feasible timelapses would be the simple road, wall, and root fix style jobs. The first that comes to mind is a lapse of Loth Vegetation jobs. If you were able to sustain recording for a week or more plot builds would open up as a viable showcase, though some end up being even slower and you run the risk of wasting a huge chunk of time.


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I guess it would depend on what's available. At the minute, the High Moor jobs could provide at least a short video, and there's always the jobs restricted to artists and designers, if they don't mind being filmed....


We've been thinking about that already aswell, but jobs like the high moors are uninteresting to watch, and the way in which we build our cities doesnt make such videos possible. Sadly tho


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I don't think I'd watch something like this as a standalone video, but it could be condensed into a 3 or 4 second intro for some other video.


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Both good points; DSESGH, I suspect that's just a difference between likes and dislikes, as I can quite happily sit and watch a fifteen minute building video :p

_Luk, I get your point about the different building styles affecting the videos. One of the differences I was thinking of, though, is a more personal style of filming, try something like following a small crew or individual doing something more detailed-oriented (like an interior or a single house).

I dunno, I think part of the reason that I'm keen on this is that it better shows the community side of the server. To quote Finrod from another post, 'The official main goal of the server is simply building middle-earth. But actually it's rather "Building Middle-Earth together"', and I think having a video that shows that would be awesome :D


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I anyway wanted to get myself a second account for recording (for timelapses and stuff), maybe ill do that soon and then I can record you and me planting grass and heather ;)


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Sounds like a plan ;) Apart from anything else, I'm trying to get my girlfriend to sign up - think she'd enjoy the building - and I was going to rope her in with the filming somehow as well :p


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Megga had some timelapses for the great Shire Revamp of 2012, it showed mass destruction and reconstruction. The issue I see, is how do you make a job video fun? Especially since some jobs, not to mention the big ones, take days, weeks, and months.
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