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Canceled Firecrafter123 Artist Application


Aspiring Commoner
Date: Joined Mar6, 2019

Jobs and Plotbuilds:
Sewers of Dol Amroth with TotiGonzales,
poor Houses in Dol Caranthan with barteldvn,
clearing derps in Dol Amroth with Jonatanknalle
small hall in Moria with Daom (in progress)

Themed-builds: Anorien House (-184 / 5 / 38450) AnorienTheme
Orc Hold (-1863/22/39275) (not finished jet) Orc Hold Theme

Additional Builds: Additional Builds

My interests: I especially like to build Gondorian, and Rohirric styles but also Dwarven

My motivation: I like the idea to build Middle Earth in Minecraft and the way the People are working on it.
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Hello Firecrafter123, also remember that to have an active artist application: keep on updating with pictures and descriptions on your main post, and then a reply ""UPDATE" to the thread. Even though we don't reply to every update we can see how you are growing and staying active in the community! Pretty clean application, however I feel you could go into more description into all parts.

P.S. as much as it's beneficial to bribe Jona, I am actually the one who decides to promote you <3


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This application is now declined due to inactivity of over a month. Just post here again to open it back up.