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~Fire's Last Edition of the MCME Times~ [08/31/14]

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Opening Statement

This week marks a special occasion in so many ways. First of all it marks an end to the illustrious Summer Event that has taken place over the past few weeks. Thanks to the hard work of people like Lizzy and Iru, this past month has been a widely viewed success that has brought a level of fun and attention to this server that may not normally be present on a day to day basis. Furthermore, this marks the last edition of the MCME Times that I will be writing due to the time conflicts that college is presenting me this upcoming Fall term. Luckily for all of you, the wonderful and handsome MaD will be taking over more permanently in the future in order to keep this wonderful news letter alive. And lastly, this edition marks the end of Summer for most people and on behalf of the community I would like to wish everyone good luck this next year.

Hopefully since this is the last edition you know the drill by now. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my final edition of the MCME Summer Times on this last day of summer!

The Two Trees Summer Event

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this event a reality along with everyone who participated in order to make this a server wide success. Also congratulations to all those who were either nominated or won a community award this past week as it is quite the honor!

Project Progress

Cair Andros (Pretty Much Done): The last few details such as roads, trees, and grass have been added to wrap up this project finally thanks to the hard work and dedication of both @freshmilkymilk and @Thatruben . Well done guys on a job well done as the final product is really something to marvel at.

Harithilien Part 2 (Pretty Much Done): After two weeks of hard work, Part 2 of 3 Harithilien sections is pretty much done at this point now that the villages are being finished up, trees have been planted, and the grass has been added. Be sure to search for the Harad camp located in this region!

Harithilien Part 3 (New): Now that Part 2 is done, it is on to part 3!

Misty Mountains (New): @Finrod_Amandil is currently working on redoing the Misty Mountains in order to both improve the path and make them all pretty for the surroundings of Moria. Be sure to check out the sandy desert that it currently is!

Rivendell Revamp (New):
Several artists have picked up the task of fixing up Rivendell a bit, including the roofs, trees, paths and more! Be sure to check it out while they make all of the little changes. Try to see how many new aspects you can point out in comparison to the old version!

Dol Amroth (In Progress): After terraforming the terrain for Dol Amroth itself, the process of terraforming everything around the city has begun, be sure to check out the mountains surrounding it in order to get a good before and after image as there is no stopping @demonataz once he has started.

Pelagrir (In Progress): The triangle shaped terrain has been constructed and @Ma5terMinD has already begun building! Be sure to check out this marvel before all of the structures are added. Though in case you hadnt realized, the wall has already been erected.

Annuminas (In Progress): Seal Team Six is still going strong. The surrounding terrain for this project has been largely constructed and work on the concept and main buildings is still going on, be sure to watch for opportunities to participate in this project soon!

Media of the Week

This week features some of the Summer Event highlights taken from a variety of users!

Build of the Week

This is not a build per say, but the firework frameworks done by @Finrod_Amandil for the different Summer Events definitely deserve a shout out for the amount of work and complexity that went into making a pretty show. Well done!

Status Updates



I (@Fireinferno13 ) resigned from Steward
@xxLDCxx resigned from Bounder
@firefuss resigned from Foreman
@Indorilian and @DragonHorizon resigned from Ranger

Thank you to everyone for their unique contributions to MCME!

Adventure of the Week


Community Outreach
Path of the Fellowship: @@Finrod_Amandil has been working on mapping out the entire path of the fellowship with little footprints in the ground (you have probably seen them here and there). Here is a map if you are interested! Currently the path continues all the way past Rivendell!

Facebook Page: Have you checked out the MCME Facebook page? It is updated almost daily and provides not only great updates on the server, but also top screenshots, builds, promotions, and more! In other words, be sure to like us HERE.

Planet Minecraft Page:
As stated before, please vote for us every day HERE. This helps draw attention and commemoration towards the server and is really appreciated by the community. So do your part and support MCME!

Times Feedback:
Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because I am always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, its likely that someone else had it as well and just didnt say anything about it. So be sure to message Fire your thoughts on the forums.
Closing Statement

It has truly been a pleasure writing the MCME Times the past few months ever since they were endowed upon me by the wonderful @BevsForBros , I can only imagine that @MaDIIReD will do a great, if not better, job than I in the coming months writing for the MCME Times. Be sure to give him your love and feedback in order to continue in improving the overall Times experience.

It has also been a pleasure serving as an MCME staff member and active member before that these past two years. I have had so many great times with all of you and you all are the reason I stayed here for so long and why my decision to resign was so difficult. I can only hope that I helped better the MCME legacy in my own unique way. But at that, I must now step back and take a more reserved role in the way I help contribute to and shape the community so dont worry, I wont be leaving any time soon!

"Stay classy San Diego"
-Ron Burgandy
When one door closes, another opens
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I'd like to announce one last small game with possibility for winning an award which will take place today:

As you all know I will be in charge of presenting you a firework show this evening, some people think it may be awesome, but we'll see... Your task now is, to guess in advance how many fireworks will be launched tonight at the Closing Ceremony during one show. Everyone can participate including staff members, but just one guess per person.
Submit your guess via my status update found here: http://mcmiddleearth.com/members/finrod_amandil.136/ (press the "Comment" Link)

The Award won't be a golden fish as given out on the Awards Ceremony, but the one with the best guess will receive the special Summer Event 2014 commemorative firework rocket on the main server. (Note: Due to technical limitations on the main server (no command blocks, only 2x2 crafting field) its not possible to recreate all the fireworks imaginable, but you will get an awesome and unique one!)
The Rules for firework: Use in moderation and if someone (especially staff) tells you to stop, do so or you risk loosing your firework without prior warning.

As there's nothing you can loose I want everyone to participate!

- Finrod


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Fiyah noooooo!

Srsly though I'd tell you that you can still do plenty of big free-time stuff in college, but the progression of my GPA probably proves otherwise.


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Anyone got pics or vid footage of these fireworks, i keep hearing great things about Fin's displays, and haven't seen one yet.


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Isildur's and all of MCME's bane: The start of the School year.

For both Fires, thanks so much for contributing all of your time to the server.


Hardcore MCME-er

I am hoping to come back either the start of next year or next spring depending on my work load!
Wait, like, come back as in be more active, or come back as in become a Staff or at least an Artist again? Because, I mean, I don't care either way (now not enough people insult me all the time) but it'd still be nice to have you back building.


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Wait, like, come back as in be more active, or come back as in become a Staff or at least an Artist again? Because, I mean, I don't care either way (now not enough people insult me all the time) but it'd still be nice to have you back building.
One way to find out ;)
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