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Aspiring Member
Minecraft Username : fistfull20
Date Joined : 02-3 May 2014 or June/July/August 2012
Themed Build participated in:
Tirith Aear -
Lond Daer:
Dol Amroth:
Paths of the Dead:

Other Builds By Me:
South Gondor Village (Concept idea)
Many Ravines at Kheled-Dum (Near /warp Kheled-mines)
Caves at Kheled Dum too. (Near Kheled-mines too.)
Menegroth Project (W.I.P - /warp Menegroth or Doriath)

ThAngband (I am second head there,)
-Thangband Ravine-(Done before its "upgrade to orcyness" from seal) Screens close to the bottom of the link)
Minas Tirith House (Forgot to screen it at the MinasPlot, but if its fine posting the House inside the walls of Minas Tirith then please tell me) Added screens of it of it inside Minas Tirith-
Kraznun (/warp kraznun) - so far, quite a bit of cliffs there. (also its a pretty new project.) (george built some walls around the ruins infront at one point, made rock edits in the waterfall rocks, and he added some snow [with me] and s couple extra blocks)
Rohan Village and Camp- Rohan Village N' Camp - Album on Imgur

Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: Artist App - Album on Imgur
Its kinda in a weird order ^

What is your prefered building style? I like to build almost anything. I love doing natural terrain, etc, but I also love doing Gondor/Rohan/Human builds, I am able to do dwarven stuff, I am also some what good at elvish, I can build trees, terraform, Caves( Thats natural stuff but hey, I LOVE doing caves) I can also build camps (orc camps, Gondor camps, Rohan camps) {Other stuff not Middle earth related: I can build anything from a Neanderthals cave to A large skyscrapper that looks like its from the future.}

Side Note: When I can, I'll be building other things to show more variety to my skills.
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