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Accepted FoolhardyFish's Artist Application :P


After constant request from TotiGonzales (and several beers), I am finally applying for artist.
Minecraft Username: FoolhardyFish
Date Joined: 03 June 2018
Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have taken part in jobs and plotbuilds for Jonatanknalle: (farmland close to Dol Amroth), Oberino: (a Dwarven Tomb and several plots in Osgiliath), RubenPieterMark: (a tiny plotbuild involving trees), NictheFifth and TotiGonzales: (Completed several plotbuilds at 2nd Dwelling in Moria, a Moria Mineshaft plus bridge and an interior within Dol Amroth, all of which I very much enjoyed).
Themed-builds: I have completed 6 themed builds so far, though I would appreciate if you disregard three of them (I like my Dunland Village, yet it has one big flaw) and focus upon my four favourites. So, in no particular order here they are. Firstly, my Dale build, which has been updated since it was featured on the forums. Secondly, is my ruined Dol Gulder, which I quite enjoyed building. Thirdly, is the Gate of Erebor. A torturous 5-day build completed by hand, that came out amazing (It is, by far, my best theme build). Lastly comes my first theme build, Brandywine Bridge. Although not an exact recreation, I did enjoy the building process just as much as my other three favourites.
Additional Builds: As far as additional builds are concerned, I have only built in freebuild, contributing a tiny build to the Guide HQ and two builds for fun (there is a purple octopus and a pumpkin being sick out there for people to find!). Plus, a rather crappy concept for an Erebor Furnace (you can disregard this).
Your interests: I’ve been always been interested in Middle Earth and having the ability to recreate that world is absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed working on builds in Moria (mineshafts, tombs, dwellings) and Osgiliath (vegetation in houses and surrounding areas), however I could always try my hand at other building techniques. Plus, since joining the server, I have become increasingly interested in using shaders to view the various server builds from a whole new perspective.
Your motivation: I am primarily motivated, and inspired, by the other builders on the server. I also find completing plotbuilds and theme builds allows me to show off a bit and develop my skills. I am keen on doing builds in Moria and Osgiliath, though with the Mordor project somewhere on the horizon I am happy to try a hand at other things.
Sorry for the lack of screenshots showing some of my other plotbuilds, I have been having problems with my laptop. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to look over this application.


Dirt Conaisseur
FoolhardyFish, I love your work! You did an excellent job on the Moria builds and I love Gate of Erebor. If i were the judge of whether this gets excepted and you get the artists rank, it would be a strong yes from me


Staff member
Official Update on Status

Application Reviewed

Your application has been reviewed for the first time by Official Staff. I am really happy by the extensive application. I really enjoyed looking at your TB and jobs. This is a good example of a good Artist application. I have been looking forward to this application for a long time, as I already was familiar with some of the builds by looking at them on the server. This is why I will directly put you on the Watchlist for artist. Thanks for you application and good luck with completing the last steps becoming an Artist!

Job and Plotbuild
Your plot builds inside osgiliath look very good. I would like you to continue to help @ooitsbirdo with those.

I really love you Gate of erebor, not much I can command on that! The same things counts for your dol guldur. Your dale looks a bit out of place to me, so that is something you can work on. The houses are made in a style that I wouldn't directly link to dale. The roofs are a bit too simple and the windows are too big.

No other builds were shown (no feedback here).

Discord DM Contacted: Awaiting Friend Request Please check your Discord


Staff member
(Just helping darki out a bit)
Application on Watchlist:
Your artist application is now under Watchlist, you will be contacted by the Lead Builder Assistants or the Head Builder on what you must do for your final challenges. Congratulations!


Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
Can i just say a few words, your ruins look nice first of all, plenty of detail. But your last theme build look amazing very well done.


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Designer
I agree with ooits, your first couple themebuilds are okay. I feel houses and bridge could be improved, however you really out did yourself with the last one. However, in your watchlist builds, it is defintley going to push you for those houses.