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Canceled FoolhardyFish's Limited WorldEdit Badge Application


Upon the recommendation of Ober, I'm applying for the Limited WE Badge.

When did you join? 03 June 2018

What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had the rank? I am currently an artist and have been since 24 February 2019.

How experienced are you in FAWE? I have a basic experience of WE. I know it well enough to use the badge without much fault, but could easily teach myself anything else that is required.

Will you need instructions in using WE once you have the badge? Not really. I've messed around with it plenty of times to have a decent idea of how to use it.

Why do you need this badge? This badge will allow me to complete tasks with much more ease and it will mean that I won’t have to keep asking other players.

What does 'mature and responsible use of the badge' mean to you? A mature and responsible user of this badge is someone who can effectively utilise their abilities for the benefit of the server but who is also not afraid to ask for help from more experienced builders.
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