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Forum changes are now in place


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
So I blogged the last few weeks about upcoming changes to the forum system. Since of a few days the update has been installed and this post recaps one of the most important changes.

Account association
People can now either register or associate an external account to ease the login process. Currently you can either register or associate with a Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Steam account. If you associate with steam for example, we have some nice statistics gathered on:

Additionally, the forum has seen an update as well when it comes to liking profile posts, notices, two-step verification which is optional, but a serious security feature. However it might be really overkill for you.
Thread tags are now also possible, which enable a "search cloud" where more searched terms appear bigger than others. You can read more about it at Upcoming forum update

Uploading media
A long-standing issue has been fixed that probably prevented more than 90% of the people to upload media to the media gallery. Quotas have been increased to 200Mb instead of the 50Mb, and the system has been adapted to have our best media uploaders have unlimited access.

Website layout
The website's visual has seen a change as well. The style we use is made by Audentio Design, and has seen major improvements in both usability and performance. The website should render about 80% quicker on average on slow browsers. Varioius user improvements have also been made, such as collapsable nodes, sections seperating sticky threads from normal threads, and tons more.
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