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Forums have been updated


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
The forums have been updated to use Xenforo 2. Though I can't explain everything that changed, I will show what the most interesting new features there might be for you!

You will notice the site will perform and feel much quicker. Mostly due to tremendous amounts of work done on the forum software. The website also moved server in order to use fancy new tech to provide a better experience.

The most prominent new features are being demonstrated at What's new in XenForo 2.0

For us locally, there have also been new addons installed:
  1. React system similar to Discord to reply to people's messages.
  2. Media embeds that automatically embed media into a post.
  3. The media gallery has been updated.
  4. The resources section has been updated.
  5. The 'Get Help' forum now has a system in place where people can vote for the correct answer, which will get stickied as 'Best response' to help future people who have the same problem.