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FotF images and videos

How Amazing is the Map?

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Here's a place to put images or videos of the Fable of the Five. Along with (maybe) bugs and glitches. If something spoils the story, put it in a spoiler.


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In my theoretical world, I would make a game guide for it. It's not likely that that will happen though (or at least not for a while). So, if someone else wanted to take the initiative, I would laud them, or if no one does I'll get to it eventually. I may need some help though (I didn't find everything the first time), or maybe pictures etc.


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If you find easter eggs, you should post them here too, because they're fun to see:p

These two in the Tombs are a pleasant surprise:)

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I discovered madred doing a playthrough of the map on youtube! Just typ fotf in youtube or search for madredgaming user or ask madred himself. Like that shit!
Edit: apparently nexlemav also started a playthrough and uploaded it on youtube as well as the unknown user thefluffygoattfg. I know @nexlemav is an old player but don't know the other guy. Go check it out!
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