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[Freebuild] Project Umbar


Project Umbar

What is Umbar?
Umbar was a realm to the far south of Gondor in Middle-earth where Men lived, and in during the Great Years was known for the sea-faring Corsairs who reigned there in the havens that were built during the reign of the Kings in Gondor. Like the earlier New Haven in Enedwaith, and the later Pelargir on the Anduin, Umbar became a base from which Númenórean influence spread over Middle-earth. It was at Umbar that the last King of Númenor, Ar-Pharazôn the Golden, landed in SA 3261, to challenge Sauron.

Staff Members

@aaldim - Head planner
@Ivan1pl - Head of Building
@bender400 - Head of concept
@mattlego - Assistant Planner
@Georget1011 - Assistant of Concept and Building

Why Should you join and how?
We want to allow anyone who joined the project to build.
Thus, we give users the Supervisors these are trusted artist which will watch the members while they build. As Artist+ you can always build in marked areas, when they mark their build correctly. To join you just simply apply at /warp Umbar Project, make sure you read all the signs!

Project Progress
1. [In progress] Planning
1. [In progress] Streets
2. [In progress] Districts
3. [In progress] Terrain
4. [Hold] Harbours
5. [Hold] Buildings​
2. [In progress] Preparing terrain
1. [Done] Flat terrain marking land
2. [In progress] Raising terrain
3. [Hold] Detailing terrain (small hills, height variations)
4. [Hold] Changing sand to grass, stone, dirt, ...
5. [Hold] Grassing area​
3. [In progress] Districts
1. [In progress] Poor district
1. [In progress] House freebuild
2. [Hold] Roads
3. [Hold] Pasting houses
4. [Hold] Other buildings​
2. [Hold] Trading district
3. [Hold] Medium district #1
4. [Hold] Medium district #2
5. [Hold] Harbour district
6. [Hold] Rich district
7. [Hold] Military district
8. [Hold] Walls and towers​

Additional Information
Curent Stage(s): making concepts/terraforming/planning
Dynmap: L
Warp: /warp Umbar project

the non-staff ranks are written underneath,
Artist =
make stuff the head-assistant builders/planners planned.
Supervisor = same as artist, but has permission to allow members to build.

Member =
make stuff the head-assistant builders/planners planned when they have permission of a Supervisor or above.
Trusted = same as member, but chance gets increased to get artist and to more trusted with building.

members that are kicked from the project because they broke rules.
In-Active = they have done nothing wrong, but they get this rank because they are in-active. they receive their old rank when back.

Underneath there is a map of Umbar. This is what we are aiming for!
The project is on-scale, but not 1:1.

If you aren't artist+ only build when a Supervisor+ watches you (if you want to build, you can always pick a plot and it will be copied if good).
2. All the server rules apply!
3. This isn't a Themed-Build, you can use anything you build for artist+ applications, If you marked your build correctly.
4. Never use wool markings when you are not allowed to, if any staff member will notice he can't remember placing this wool, he will ask a bounder to check.
5. Always put your name, or a short of your name on any signs you place. We want to be sure we can contact you if something went wrong, or thank you when the build is good. (Used for rank demotions/promotions)

Hope to see you soon on the project!
~The Umbar Project staff~

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Your map makes Umbar look like Carthage. Tolkien makes more sense suddenly.
We aren't going to make it look like Carthage, The map we use is just for basic things like: coastline, walls and streets.
Other maps we found were to small, so we've chosen this one

Also, a lot of people illustrate Umbar as Egyptian/Middle eastern style.
But the style we made is Dark Numenorean :] (how it should be)


Hardcore MCME-er
/warp SounasShips & /warp DromangShips on freebuild. They have some cool Corsair ships you might want to check out. As well as some of those on the themedbuild world id guess.

Ships are a rather hard, but of course integral part to a port such as Umbar. Planet minecraft has some nice ship tutorials as well you could check out. And you could always try to squeeze some advice out of AdmiralDagless.

And good luck, what i saw at the warp looked pretty nice so far.


Poor District House Freebuild
Open to Everyone!

Please help us with making Houses for the Poor District of Umbar!
Staff will paste it in the City when Approved.
Make sure to read the Guide at /warp Umbar-plots on the left.

Your House can be marked with the following wool:
pink = Ready, you mark like this when done, note that this is the only wool you may place!
green = Approved
orange = Needs fixes, see comment.
red = Out of style, will be removed if not changed.

yellow = Section marking and decision where it will be placed.
purple = Marked for Section Review.

Have fun with building!

~The Project Umbar Staff~


Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
i will fin my house for the project, but my laptop is being fix so i cant use it for a some time


Hardcore MCME-er
Well... This project doesn't seem very advanced, so... Do you know this map ? I think it looks more interesting, especially the half-circle harbour and the citadel (which I see above very high cliffs whose rises directly from the sea), but this is just my opinion ;) .


Thanks for the suggestion,
But we won't be using that map. We (The Project staff) have been discussing about that map but we found it too small.
It would probably be as big as our Island. also, for anybody else asking about it in the future:
We don't really follow the map posted in the Thread, so don't think that there won't be a Citadel, Temples or other things like that because they are planned. The real map we are following is this one:

Red Dots: Towers
Blue: Militairy District [king's home and militairy]
Yellow: Harbour District
Green: Poor District
Orange: Trading District
Pink: Rich District
Red/Blue: Medium District


Hardcore MCME-er
Well, it would'nt be too small since you can use the scale you wish to, but you project, your will :) .