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Canceled Furuss Artist Application

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Aspiring Commoner
Hello. Thank you for visiting my application. First of all I just wanted to let you know that I am not nearly capable of being an artist yet. I just strted. I aspire to be one somewhere in distant future. I created this thread to document my jobs and builds on MCME server for future reference ( but feel free to give tips and revievs ). It may be possible that I will never be as good as I need to for Artist but id like to give it a try!

Artist Application

Date Joined on 24th of October 2018 but only started playing recently
  • Assigned: 2018-11-20 ; Vegetation removal in Osgiliath for Oberanio
  • Assigned: 2018-11-20 ; Stalactites and Stalagmites( with 12 ) in Moria for BWOT
  • Assigned: 2018-11-21 ; Moria small house Interior for Toti
  • Assigned: 2018-11-22 ; Moria 1-store bigger house interior for Toti
  • Assigned: 2018-11-23 ; (3x PlotBuild) Osgiliath small terrain terraform and vegetation for Oberanio
  • Assigned: 2018-11-24 ; Hose vegetation in Osgiliath for Oberanio
  • Assigned: 2018-11-25 ; Cave shaping (road by Odin ) for Nic
  • Assigned: 2018-11-26 ; Moria Corridor decorating for Jona
  • Assigned: 2018-11-26 ; Farms for Jona
Theme Build
  • Dunland Settlement X.1400, Z.37231
My Other Build
None so far

My Interests-
The build style i feel most comfortable in is Medieval/Fantasy. I like to shape terrain into my liking. There is something great about looking at a valley and imagening a city there :) Privately im a Software Developer. I like sailing, scubadiving and trekking in my free time.

My Motivation-
I joined MCME because it is everything i ever wanted from a server. Structurised mega build. Id love to see it finished one day and be able to say "I helped build that!". I always loved huge projects, even in survival SP. The bigger the job the better. When i first got into Moria on MCME i got lost almoast instantly. The more lost i was - the more i got excited :) Thats what MCME is for me
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Lead Builder
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Lead Builder
Ello there, Nice work on the job (keep working), first of all the thing you need to work on is your themebuilds, they are very plane and lack detail. Look around Belfalas and see the type of detail thats are around farms and towns. That's the type of detail I want to see in your build, so keep trying, see what works and what doesnt, maybe steal some ideas from towns and see how you could implement it into your own work. This goes for all, trees, houses, terrain and roads. Look around the map and get and idea and copy little things into your team build. If you need help/guidance and any advice feel free to Pm me on here or discord.


Hardcore MCME-er
Are you still pursuing this rank Furuss? I would reccomend updating your application with more material.


Hardcore MCME-er
Official Update on Status
**Application Canceled**
This application has been canceled for being too inactive. Contact me on discord or forums, to re-open it!
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