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Game Crash


Aspiring Member
Since yesterday night, every time I try to log into the freebuild server, my game crashes. I haven't had this problem with the Main Server, so I suspect it is a specific position error. I've had this kind of problem before, so I think I need to be jailed temporarily to fix the problem.




Hardcore MCME-er
Hmm, it might be the area you're in causing you to crash. This may sound silly, but once you log in, try and fly very fast in one direction and see if that fixes it.


Aspiring Member
That being said, I did try earlier today before mc shut down their online. Is there any way to temporarily jail me? That has fixed the problem on another server.
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Aspiring Member
Look, can an administrator delete my player files on the freebuild server without deleting anything I've built? If so, I'd think that'd be an easy fix.


Aspiring Member
I'm not trying to be pushy or impertinent, but I'm pretty sure that the only thing needed to be done is to go to the server's world folder under /players, and delete my player.dat file. It should make the server "forget" that I was there, thus resetting my position when I log on again. Does the owner of the server keep track of this sort of thing?


Slab Fanatic
This may be a more complicated fix, but it is possible to edit player position in the .DAT file. I've done it for single player when I was stuck in a corrupt chunk, not sure if it would work on a server or not.


Involved Member
First, I'd say delete your Minecraft .jar file just to make sure you don't have corruption there. It will redownload once you start the game. If that doesn't fix it, PM Q and explain the situation. He will have to SSH into the server and delete your player file.