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Accepted Ganderp's Artist Application


Aspiring Member
Date joined: Early February 2013 (not 100% sure).

Jobs: Participated in jobs in southern Gondor and Moria. The jobs I did in south Gondor include helping Wraith_Knight make his tombs in Lostfalls. The Moria jobs I helped with include making murals, forming corridors and helping with the ruining of an officer's hall (mostly supervised by Darki190). They also include making 2 houses and a shop in the Chamber of Light, along with helping Patrick_0901 make two barns, a toll house, a cart workshop, and a tavern.

Screenshots: goo.gl/G9FBcP

Themed build: goo.gl/bRN29p This is my attempt on Wellinghall. I used some ideas from the current Wellinghall build and took some inspiration from the LOTR wiki, along with advice from designers and artists.

Interests: I enjoy building dwarvern structures the most out of all the middle earth styles but I'm pretty much happy with building anything that's needed. I don't do much building outside of MCME but I have experimented with different types of medieval houses in singleplayer.

Motivation: I'm very optimistic about the Moria project and I'd love to take part in building it. The artist rank would help me build things more freely and easily, and would give me a chance to improve my skills.
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Head Developer
Thank you for your Application.

Usually I write here something about participating in jobs and plotbuilds to increase your chances to get Artist, but would not fit here. I think you are the Adventurer who is most active with building atm. Probably you have build more houses at CoL that most Artists :D

All I have seen so far in Moria looks very good, and your great teamwork with Patrick is a big plus imo. Also I love that mural.

Your Wellinghall Themed-build shows already good terrain skills. The shape of your mountainside is very good and you used materials for a nice transition from flat to steep stony terrain. At the cliffs, especially the first two pictures I would not mix in the granite block. The texture is supposed to be eroded, broken stone fallen down from cliffs. In the cliffs it is better to add some coal blocks or stained clay which have more similar textures to the ordinary stone. Also I would not place single blocks but small patches or lines of the secondary materials. Look around at Andrast mountains for example. This is only a small detail.
The main thing that could be improved at your Themed build are details. Terrain is very good, but it looks very empty. You should try to add an interior to Treebeards home, stone vessels and a bed. Outside you should try to handbuild some nice trees at the lower levels and also make undergrowth, bushes, flowers, fallen trees, ...
Last thing is the riverbed, I think you used almost the same mix of materials for the riverbed and the surrounding terrain. Would be better to have them more distinct, try to use darker materials down in the riverbed.

This may seem quite a lot to improve, but its improving on a high level already. Keep up the good work ;)


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You're probably not only the most active Adventurer builder, but probably also the most often requested to promote Adventurer.

So well, basically I just waited until you would apply so I can promote you :p
Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Be sure to check out the Artist Manual if you have not done so yet.