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Accepted Georget1011

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Minecraft Username : Georget1011

Date Joined : 20 March 2014 (thats what my profile says but ive been on for much longer, like last summer)

Themed Build participated in: Nimrodel Bridge - Forgotten Village - Beorn (didnt finish in time but completed elsewhere) - Druedain - Houses of healing - Forest Gate - Lockholes

Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: https://georget1011.imgur.com/

*Update* : towers of forodwaith ( for protons kheled dum), improved nimrodel bridge (now with added trees!) plus two FREE osgiliath builds to enjoy!

*Update 2* : Venture into Mirkwood with the all new 'Forest Gate' Theme Build

What is your preferred building style? I like to do obscure things, like ruins and caves (see erebor mines and forest gate). Anything dark and mysterious....
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