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Going Away Thread


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Date leaving: Saturday August 17th
Length of Absense: 5 days, until Wednesday.
Reason: Gonna go hiking in some of the more remote parts of switzerland - am about to do terraforming again so I gotta remind myself how a mountain looks like. Gonna do the "crest of the devil" and some other tours, depending on my condition and the weather. >> Diavolezza: Climbing trails & high alpinism <<


Builds diagonally
Date Leaving: Friday 23 August
Length of Absence: 8 days (until the 31st)
Reason: On a holiday camp in Dorset, where I expect to not have internet access for most of the time.


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
Date Leaving: August 25th
Length of Absence: About 2 weeks.
Reason: Extended vacation. :p


One Of Us
Date Leaving: December 8th (Today)
Length of Absence: 5 days, until December 13th (Friday the 13th)
Reason or comments: I've got a super busy week this week, 9 test/quizzes/projects, so if you see me on this week, tell me to get off!