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Finished Gondor rp merge

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The Gondor RP Merge

This project aims to update all regions of Gondor to the new Gondor 2 resource pack which is currently used only in Dol Amroth. This will also enable the custom block inventory in all of Gondor.

Current state:
Some 300 types of bocks need to be replaced with other block types for this. I'm almost done with preparing the Gondor RP merge, I applied all replacements on the devserver last week. Artist/Guide+, checked for derps over the weekend. Thanks a lot to all who helped! I have now fixed all known derps and will do some final testing today. So the merge will happen on build server during the next few days.

Next step:
After the merge we'll have to do a thorough check for derps and also do some manual block replacements in all areas of Gondor. Yes, ALL of Gondor!!! this will require help of all Designers and Foremen to run jobs and also Artists to check the major places.
I made a map of Gondor divided into working areas. Designers and Foremen, please claim areas by sending me a pm.


Gondor rp merge progress:
Andrast - barteldvn - 100%

Pinnath Gelin - barteldvn - 100%
Anfalas - barteldvn - 100%
Lamedon - barteldvn - 100%
Calembel - Mr_Pants - 100%

Dol Amroth - barteldvn 100%
Belfalas - Smaug - 100%
Tolfalas - Quanta - 100%
Lebennin - Smaug - 100%
Linhir - BWOT - 100%

Pelargir - BWOT - 100%
Lossarnach - Smaug - 100%
Minas Tirith - BWOT -100%
Osgiliath - Mr_Pants - 100%
Anórien - Quanta -100%
Ithilien - Quanta - 100%

Paths of the Dead are not part of the merge. They will stay in old Gondor pack until Rohan rp is upgraded to ver2.0 which will include the Paths of the Dead blocks.
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Head Guide
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Instructions for Gondor merge jobs:
1. Watch out for unknown texture replacement derps:
I tested everything several times and many players already helped checking the block replacements on the devserver but it's still quite likely that we missed some derps. This could be everything from blue "unused" textures to a block that just looks a bit out of place. If you find an unknown derp, fix it and please report in the Gondor merge discussion thread.​
2. Replace blocks that could not be replaced by plugin:
Block type to search for: red stained glass pane. Appears as vertical thin rope (160:14)​
Known occurrences: Harbour of Pelargir​
Task: Check if thicker rope (detector rail 28:10) would look better
Block type to search for: unpowerd wooden doors. Appears as half wood and half stone bricks. (64:?)​
Known occurrences: ?​
Task: Upper half needs to be replaced with stone bricks half door.
Block type: white and gray bricks wall (139:0 /139:1)​
Known occurrences: ?​
Task: straight parts may (please decide what would look better) need to be replaced with acacia fence gates (186:0 / 186:2)
Block type to search for: cyan and purple stained glass. Appears as cobblestone slit windows (95:9 / 95:10)​
Known occurrences: cobblestone fortified buildings, old texture had windows on all sides. So windows might be invisible due to wrong orientation​
Task: Replace with correct orientation slit window
Block type to search for: sugar cane. Appears as unused texture (83:2)​
Known occurrences: interior, should be plates. There may be other unused textures that should not be replaced with plates!!!
Task: replace with itemblock inter > plate or inter > fancy plate
Block type to search for: Piston base. Appears as table with gray brick base (33:1)​
Known occurrences: on roofs, should be a gray brick chimney but the plugin doesn't replace this correctly​
Task: Replace with gray brick chimney (33:9)
Block type to search for: Big curtain painting has been replaced with a dol Amroth banner painting​
Known occurrences: see screenshot​
Task: replace with e.g. itemblock curtains
Block type to search for: single blocks of dry Farmland (60:0)​
Known occurrences: Houses in Coldlake​
Task: replace with barrel of fitting orientation
Block type to search for: Netherwart block (214:0)​
Known occurrences: Outside of DA this is correctly used for grapes in wine press. Inside DA I forgot to replace this block.​
Task: in DA: replace with rough gravel (112:0)
Block type to search for: Upper step (44:14)​
Known occurrences: This block is now a placeholder for itemblocks and thus invisible. At some places (e.g. near Barad Eglan) roads were build using these upper slabs.​
Task: Replace with full rough gravel blocks.​
More manual replacements may be added here, please check again before you start a job!​
3. (optional) Add a few of the new blocks for more details:
If you feel like the new blocks of Gondor 2 rp could improve a village or farm, feel free to add some for better details. But don't spend a lot of time on this. We want get the merge done and move on.​


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Block replacements by plugins are done. New Gondor 2.4 rp is now the active server RP for all of Gondor.
On first sight the merge seems to be successful. But you should still not build new stuff in Gondor until the manual block replacements and derp checking jobs are (mostly) done. It may still happen that we decide to fall back to a backup in the case the derp checking brings up some major problems.

For Gondor RP merge jobs make sure people have the Gondor 2.4 RP on. They might have to delete their cached server RPs manualy. The Gondor 2.4 RP is not yet available on the Forum, but you can download from GitHub: Gondor-2.4.zip
Gondor 2.4 RP is now valid for all areas of Gondor from Andrast to Ithilien with just one exception: The Paths of the Dead are still in old Gondor RP, now available as server RP with /rp p (will be merged with Rohan RP later).

To help people check if they have the right RP you should have some text structure like this:


Gondor RP merge jobs may start now.

Please report derps (and progress) in the Gondor merge discussion thread.


Hardcore MCME-er
Announcements August 13th, 2018:
This project has been finished and I'm glad it was finished so quickly so we can move back to actual building!

- All areas have been done in jobs and checked
- Thank you: @barteldvn , @Mr_Pants2000 , @QuantaCube and @Smaug_Niphredil for overseeing areas
- There will be no follow up showcase done by the Media Team as this was just fixing builds
- Thank you @Eriol_Eandur for all your hard work on this project, from the countless hours testing in dev world and then following it through to the end! Also Thank you @Finrod_Amandil for starting this move and the community appreciate it!

If you cannot complete you have any more questions or comments contact me.
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