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Yellow Flower Puncher
Minecraft Username : Gotay_Capricorn

Date Joined : 2 March ehhh, 2012/13

What country are from / What time do you usually play online: I am from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico but I currently live in Pennsylvania in the United States of America. I am normally active at the afternoons or late mornings. I am more active on weekends but I am able to be active on weekdays. I normally log out at Midnight(12 am, EST).
[Schedule may change in comings days depending if I get a full-time job in the weeks to come]

Are you regularly on our voice communication? I am normally on the Caligula Voice Channel when I have my phone with me, as I do not have a full headset with a microphone for my pc so I use Discord in my phone with my headphones when I am on a Discord Call. When I do not have my phone with me, I am not able to join or talk.

Do you talk on our voice communication? When I am online on my phone in communication in Discord channels, I am able to speak. That is unless I do not have my phone or there is a loud environment around me at the moment.

What makes a great Guide according to you? For this being the third Guide Application I have done(one exactly 2 years ago to this day ironically, and the other one done before the domain change before 2014,) I am glad to say I have grown to be better than I was at those times. I am friendly to every player that I meet and I do not hesitate to introduce new members to the community, always trying to Welcome as many of the new ones as I can. I normally spend my time in the newer areas and regions that are built in the server to try and find new places and different routes. I wander around the world in an aimless direction, which have made me discover other paths and routes to locations that are rarely visited on the server. I try to explain as best I can to the new players and I give advice on topics and subjects when I am asked or can. While I still have a lot more to learn about other locations and how to properly tour them, I am still learning more. Out of the server, I am very knowledgeable in my Tolkien lore, even opening discussions and theories about it or even asking questions myself or reading them, especially when it comes to much older things like the 1st age or such. Even if I am not the best builder, I also take my time to help some artists or designers who may need it or ask for it. I try to keep a happy attitude to every topic or discussions, and I try to prevent or solve conflicts among my peers. In all honesty, I want to be guide to help contribute to this server which has done a ton for me as without it I don't know where I'd be. Probably in some random minecraft survival server :p.


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Gotay,

We are happy to see that you have applied for Guide and we would like to give you a Trial Tour. This means that you are required to do a tour, using a mic, for some Guides and other members of the community. The tour can be of any place on the server that you like and you can decide what you talk about. I recommend that you plan the tour in advance so you don't have awkward moments, such as getting people lost.

We need to plan a suitable time for you to be able to the tour and when Guides will be able to attend your tour, which this conversation can be used for.

~ The Guide Team